Clothbot – Climb Your Clothes

Mmm, is it just me or does this video creep you out a bit? The Clothbot was designed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. As a proof of concept model, the Clothbot uses a pair of wheels to grip wrinkles to enable itself to climb around on pieces of cloth like your shirt or trousers. The bot has a moving tail that adjusts its centre of gravity and allows it to change direction.

System and Design of Clothbot: a Robot for Flexible Clothes Climbing was presented at the  2012 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation.

I’m not sure what uses this will have, but the developers suggest as a toy, a method of “body inspection” or a mobile phone that climbs around on your shoulder while you talk to keep your hands free.

I’m sure this is just a scene from a  horror movie…..Cyberdyne anyone ? 🙂

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