YBUY – New Gadget Subscripti​on Service Goes Live

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If you’re visiting this site, you are probably a gadget addict. The problem with being addicted to gadgets is that you often buy something only to find out a week or so later that it either doesn’t do what you expected / wanted, or you just plain don’t like it. By then it’s probably too late to return it to get your money back, so you sell it at a loss. This can quickly become an expensive addiction. There’s a new service that hopes to solve this problem. It’s YBUY, a gadget subscription service where you can try the latest electronics, home and kitchen gadgets for 30 days. Don’t like it? No problem, just return it. Love it? Even better, you’ll get a discount on the retail price. What’s the catch? There are a couple. First of all, you have to be invited to become a member. There’s also a one-time membership fee of $49.95, plus $24.95 for each 30 day trial. But probably the biggest issue I see is that there isn’t a huge selection of gadgets to choose from yet. The majority of the gadgets are for the kitchen, like coffee makers, juicers and blenders. There are a few goodies in the mix though. They have the Fujifilm X10, Xbox, Fitbit and Nike Fuel. I think ybuy is an interesting service. Would you try something like this?

6 thoughts on “YBUY – New Gadget Subscripti​on Service Goes Live”

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  2. im still not understanding how this works. i looked up the Nike Fuel (that i do want), but it lists as $149-which is retail. Will the discounted prices show up after im a member? Also, it mentions free shipping both-ways… does this include to Canada?

    1. @anson Good questions. I couldn’t even find the shipping info, so you found out a little more than I did. The PR person’s blurb that was sent to me said that the items would be discounted and that the $24.95 fee would be deducted. Maybe that is what they are considering the discount…

  3. Hmm, this whole thing sounds a bit sketchy… I requested a membership, and they put me on a waiting list with 18,150 people In front of me!!!! … And what do they do with all the returned/refunded products? Repack them and ship them out to the next sucker? In essence they encourage you to try stuff, then return them free of charge. This feels more like a gadget “rental” business at $24.95/month

  4. did ybuy ever get off the ground.

    the link in your article points to a link for the ‘eventual’ launch site, which is back to the same link.

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