Tune Your Guitar with the Power of the Sun

This Solar Guitar Tuner from ThinkGeek has a solar panel to keep its batteries recharged.  The TASCAM TC-15 chromatic tuner has needle, strobe, fine, meter tuning modes, with twelve tone equal temperament tuning and a detection accuracy of within one cent (one hundredth of a semitone).  Tune the guitar by plugging it into the Solar Guitar Tuner with the 1/4″ standard mono jack, or use the built-in microphone to “listen” to the guitar.  The batteries are also USB rechargeable.  The Solar Guitar Tuner is $29.99.

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1 thought on “Tune Your Guitar with the Power of the Sun”

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  2. I’m using an app on my iPhone to tune my guitar.
    Works great!

    No need for extra luggage, just use your smartphone with an app.


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