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A Gentleman’s Read‘ is a free online lifestyle magazine for men, with contributors from Another Something, Dezeen, Gilt Taste, On Plate Still Hungry, Portable, Post-New, The Boilermaker and Trendland among a slew of others. According to their About page, the magazine is focused at:

We define the modern gent as someone who earns recognition through his clear willingness to put more into the world than he takes out; someone with a deep-seated desire to do something that genuinely matters.

At first glance I thought it was just another Pintrest or Svpply clone site, but there are articles to back up the cool products that they feature. It’s free, go check it out. And you don’t have to be a guy to check it out…

4 thoughts on “‘A Gentleman’s Read’ – Online Magazine for Trendy Guys”

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  2. You might want to put forth the fact that it’s done by Ketel One vodka. It’s not exactly a neutral online magazine.

  3. Well dang it, they wanted my age and country before going into their site.
    I’ll give it a look-see, but I really don’t think it fits my style…
    Their “We define the modern gent…” thingy, is what I am about mostly, but let us see if the website holds up to that and not: needs lots and lots of money 😛

    This is me:
    Creativity is what follows the realization that everything is possible and the only boundaries you will encounter are those set by others who haven’t come to that realization yet.
    Bob Deloyd

    1. @Bob I entered my country and age and have yet to see anything “bad” that would warrant an over 18 kind of rule. I think it’s just because it’s being sponsored by a liquor brand.

  4. @Julie
    The country and age thing at the beginning- maybe they had to do it, like you said it being sponsored by a liquor brand.

    The fact it is being sponsored by a liquor brand doesn’t bother me because I don’t drink, they have to make their money some how. I really found it quite neutral without any ads that I could recognize, but I didn’t read every article 🙂

    I read the interview with Daniel Askill, and then watched a few videos he made: “We have decided not to die” and “follow the Cops” that had a tiny police car exploding out of a TV tube aimed right at this dude siting in a chair, that I though was mighty cool. Another article was about this wall-mounted porcelain and wood coffee machine; my first impression was that it looks like it belongs in the bathroom over the toilet. The best for me was the Lively Morgue from the New York Times showing black and white pictures from the past, very interesting. Then there’s cycle champion James Bowthorpe who will use waste materials from the streets of NYC to build a raft and float down the Hudson River starting from its beginning at someplace called the Lake Tears of Clouds, all the way down to NYC.
    I read a few other articles and interviews that really didn’t interest me; the ones I listed above I thought were the best 🙂
    It seems that they added a few more articles, but I didn’t find any neat gadgets…
    It was worth the look 🙂

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