Geneva Sound System Model XS Has Bluetooth, FM, Alarm Clock, Speakers, and Amplifier in One Small Package

Do you remember those travel alarm clocks that looked like leather-covered makeup compacts and opened up to display a small alarm clock for the hotel nightstand?  The Sound System Model XS from Geneva reminds me of those small clocks.  This small, 6.2″ × 4″ × 4.5″, 1.1 pound system closes up into a faux leather-covered shell to fit in your suitcase or gear bag.  It opens up to function as an alarm clock, FM radio, and external speakers for your smartphone or tablet.  It has Bluetooth and a 3.5mm audio line-in to connect your device.  When in Bluetooth and line-in mode, the Model XS is “powered by digital amplifiers for optimal audio performance;” in FM mode, it is ” powered by an analog amplifier for optimal radio reception.”  The 6W 2.25″ woofer and two 3W 1″ tweeters produce 80-20,000K, “true HiFi sound.”  The Model XS has a built-in 2700 mA lithium battery, and it comes with an AC adapter to charge the battery and power the unit.  The Model XS is available in black, white, or red for $249.95 from Geneva.

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