LittleBonsai The Clip is Simple, Functional, Versatile

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littlebonsai theclip

Fans of EDC (EveryDay Carry, the art and science of preparedness through personal gadget selection) have been using belt-mounted key holders for years.  How about one that does more than just its obvious function? Billed as “The world’s most talented keychain,” The Clip from LittleBonsai is a stainless steel belt clip that can hold your keys, but it can also be used as a personal electronics cable manager, money or credit card clip, bottle or box opener and more.  Designed and manufactured in Boston, Mass., U. S. of A. The LittleBonsai site shows it “starting at $15,” but alas, it appears to be out of stock at present (as of 17 Apr 2012). If interested, you can go to the Webstore and enter your email address to be contacted when The Clip is again available.

UPDATE: As of 18 Apr 2012, it appears that The Clip is once again available for pre-order here.  I’ve placed my order…!

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