SportSync AM/FM Radio with Audio Delay: Sync Radio Broadcast to TV

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SportsSyncIt was October 14th, 1975. Bottom of the 10th, the Reds and Reds Sox were tied in game 3 of the World Series. Ed Armbrister attempted to advance Caesar Geronimo with a bunt. In the ensuing action, Carlton Fisk thought he was interfered with, and Reds’ fans were subjected to announcer Curt Gowdy’s complaints about the play over and over again. That is when a tradition was born in our house. Turn down the TV and crank up the radio for baseball games.

Over the years, that approach became more difficult. As the TV broadcast is sent to the station, then to the cable company and finally to your DVR, more than likely the TV action will be noticeably delayed from the radio play-by-play. Enter technology.

The SportsSync AM/FM Radio provides a configurable delay of up to 16 seconds. The delay is set by a slider on the front of the radio. They do warn that there is a chance you would experience a problem if the TV is ahead of the radio (I would think that is rare), or if the difference was more than 16 seconds. All in all, this looks like a pretty cool solution to the baseball fan that wants to watch their team on a national feed, but listen to their local radio broadcast.

Hat tip to announcer (not surprisingly RADIO announcer) Dan Hoard for the heads up on this device on his Twitter feed.

5 thoughts on “SportSync AM/FM Radio with Audio Delay: Sync Radio Broadcast to TV”

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  2. aha, who listens to radio now a days.. where news are delivered lightning fast in the era of ipad/google and innovation like greatiful where news distribution from publisher => end user is social…

    wondering one day radio will be social too ??? 😉

  3. Agreed regarding the benefits of the radio broadcast. I suppose that without the video element, the commentators have to be more descriptive and add the excitment that is provided by moving pictures. All in all it adds upto a thrilling commentary. Marry that enhanced commentary with pictures – the best of both worlds.

  4. This radio is one of the tools that could help millions of cable cord-cutters save big money on their TV bill. Major sports lovers might be hesitant to cut the cord because replacing their current sports package with internet channels, like the MLB network, may only have transmissions with national or opposing teams’ accompanying audio available. This radio will give many a major piece of that cord-cutting replacement puzzle to allow them to switch.

  5. I am about to get rid of my SECOND sportsync radio! I have two of them now and both of them proved to not last very long. The one I am bout to toss cannot adjust the radio broadcast to the negative side. When I listen to a broadcast the radio is about ten seconds SLOWER than the TV broadcast. I have tried to contact sportsync and never get a reply. There won’t be another one in this household!

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