Tervis Tumbler 24oz Water Bottle Review

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I have loved Tervis tumblers since discovering them during a vacation to Sanibel Island Florida one year. They have become my go to idea when I need to find a gift for someone and are pretty much all we drink from at my house. When the folks at Tervis contacted me to see if I might like to try their new 24 ounce water bottle, I didn’t have to think about it very long before agreeing. My favorite feature of Tervis tumblers is their double insulating walls that keep cold liquids cold without sweating. Let’s see if the water bottle performs as well as their tumblers.

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The Tervis double wall insulating plastic mug was invented back in 1946 and they’ve been going strong ever since. They are made of BPA free plastic (including the lid) and are dishwasher and microwave safe.

One of the really cool things about Tervis tumblers, mugs and water bottles is the huge variety of designs to choose from. The designs are actually embroidered patches are that are placed between the two walls of the bottle. I’ve had Tervis tumblers for years now and have never had one of the patches slip or shift position.

The water bottle is 10.4” tall with a 3.4” top and 2.5” bottom that is sized to fit most cup holders and bicycle cages. The sides have a flattened area that provides a nice grip. There are also measurement indicators embossed into the plastic that you can use to aid in mixing two liquids together.

The flip lid for the water bottle screws on securely. I didn’t have any problems with liquids leaking.

The top has two parts. The part that screws on to the top of the bottle and the flip lid that has a rubber lined plastic loop that you can use to attach a carbiner.

The lid flips open by pressing in on the rubber button while pressing up on the latch. The lid fits very tightly, so it does take two hands to pop it open and close. One hand to hold the base and the other to open the lid.

If you open the lid as far as it goes, it will stay open instead of flopping closed on your forehead as you’re trying to take a big drink.

There is a rubber ring inside the lid that helps seal the lid tight to the bottle to prevent leaks.

The info on the Tervis site says that ice cubes can fit in the opening. Unfortunately the ice cubes from my ice maker do not fit. But, if you want to add ice, you can just unscrew the whole lid.

The bottle is easy to clean either by hand or in your dishwasher. Just remember to put the flip lid on the top rack…

During my time using the Tervis water bottle, I’ve found it to be just like other Tervis products. It is made extremely well with no defects, scratches, cracks, etc. It keeps cold drinks cold without annoying condensation dripping from the sides or base. Once you discover Tervis tumblers, I know you’ll want more of the products. Trust me. You should see my cabinets.


Product Information

Price:$20-$25 depending on design
  • Many designs to choose from
  • Keeps cold drinks cold without sweating
  • Keeps warm drinks warm without burning your hands
  • Leak proof cap
  • Flip lid is tough to open at first
  • Opening too small for ice cubes

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  2. My ice cubes fit great and I love my new Tevis bottle as much as I love their tumblers. I don’t use the button to open mine, just push up on the latch. Seems to work easier/better for mine.

    I’m glad I found these in the store a couple of weeks ago.

  3. Love my Tervis tumbler, hate the lid….the one part not covered by warranty.
    Anyone know of alternatives to the tumbler lids that shatter when dropped?

    1. @Tech The water bottle lid shattered? Seems very odd given that it’s flexible plastic. Did you drop it from the top of a building? I’d think the bottle itself would shatter way easier than the lid ever would. Also, they sell a replacement flip lids.

  4. CamelBack provides replacement lids for free if you ask nicely enough (but that would pertain to a different product).

  5. Not off a building, just out of my hand to the ground…lid edge hit first and left it with a huge crack with piece missing….


  6. The lid leaks. I mix powered drink mix with cold water and when you shake it vigourusly it leaks from the lid hinge as well as from the lid rim attached to the bottom.

  7. Follow-up post: I did live chat with Tervis chat line
    Britney: Thank you for visiting Tervis today, always full of fun. My goal is to make you smile! Please allow me a moment to research your question and I will be with you momentarily.

    Britney: Okay I do apologize for the issue.

    Britney: When you place the water bottle lid on the water bottle are you lining the lid’s tab up with the center of the emblem or the measurements on the back side of the tumbler before twisting the lid tight?

    SCARNG: lid’s tab? don’t understand tab?

    Britney: The portion of the lid you push up on to open the water bottle lid.

    SCARNG: so once you tighten down the lid the hinge is above the measurements. No I was not doing that.

    Britney: Yes.

    SCARNG: I will try that.

    Britney: Okay. I would suggest placing the lid on this way to line the threads up properly. The lid should not leak then.

    Britney: Okay.

    SCARNG: it appears to be working now.

    Britney: Great!

    SCARNG: thanks!

    Britney: You’re welcome.

  8. I too had my lid shatter and break when it hit the ground. Very disappointing. I still use the tumbler with half a lid but it defeats the purpose of being able to shut the lid and to carry it by the loop!
    Are there replacement lids anywhere? I did not see them on the website.

  9. I’ve used my clear 24oz. water bottle for over 2 months now. Personally, I really like the lid, but I’ve had a problem with it leaking sometimes when I’m drinking from it. After reading the response to scarng I’ll try screwing the lid on both ways to see if this makes a difference or not. If the company knows about this being a problem they should include “How To” instructions with this product.
    As for keeping liquids hot or cold, I thought it would do a better job (like a stainless steel thermos). I purchased it as a replacement to an aluminium water bottle that has a screw-on cap.
    As for durability, I’ve only used it in my home and have not dropped it….yet.

  10. Now that I know that all I had to do is screw the cap on so that the hinge is on the side where the ounce numbers are, I’ve had no leaks from it either. 🙂

  11. 🙁
    I’m using a re-filled Nestle water bottle now since the Tervis problem is still in effect. I had thought that the suggested “screw-on technique” had conquered the problem yesterday, but during the night while I took a drink I also got a bit wet from water leaking from the cap. Not good. This happened more than once.
    I like the cap, but not the leak.

  12. I am thinking of purchasing one of these – been on the search for a water bottle that is leakproof and keeps water cold…. But nowhere can I find info on how long it’ll keep liquid cold… say with ice cubes in it obviously, on a hot day or in a hot car or on the beach (these are the areas I am looking to use the bottle in) – any thoughts from users?

  13. Hi,
    I purchased my Tervis WB in April. Even though the rubber seal looks fine and I have the cap screwed-on tight like shown in the photo, it still leaks now & then so I have a paper towel ready. It’s been 80* or so in my room lately where I use the bottle so I normally use 4 or 5 ice cubes and cold filtered water from the tap. It stays cold for around 3 hours. The only reason I still use it is that I really like the flip-top cap that’s easy to drink from. If I ever buy another water bottle I’ll be looking at stainless steel ones.

  14. 3-4 hours seems to be the range for me with this one.
    I have a Thermos brand aluminum tumbler from Walmart that keeps drinks hot or cold for 6-8 hours…it’s really awesome, but smaller than this Tervis…so I use the Tetvis more for water in the summer and the Thermos for hot tea in the winter.

  15. The water bottle is the greatest idea ever except that you are going to get a shower down the front of your sort ever day when you use it. No matter how you screw the top on, water pours out from under the latch on the seem where the lid meets the cup. I have has 2 sets of replacements lids and no improvement. I love my Tervis Tumblers and am so disappointed with this product. I even sent some as gifts and have to apologize for the leaking. I am really disappointed at the customer service provied thus far from Tervis Tumbler.

    1. Jane, in total agreement with you. I just recieved one as a gift and I don’t like it at all. I tried to then figure out what I WAS doing wrong.. error wasn’t mine !! My coat gets soaked, then freezes. I live in Pennsylvania, use and refill water bottles from any brand eith a popup lid.(Smart Water, Aquafina, Propel etc) I also was very disappointed to test and find that the brand bottles kept water frozen whereas the Tervis didnt !! I am so upset that daughter spent her hard earned money customizing one for me, only to find the “TERVIS” brand name to be, in my opinion, quite fraudulent! I would recommend NO ONE to buy this, especially those living in cold climates!

  16. I am on my 3rd set of replacement lids from Tervis. No matter which way the lid faces, it leaks. Badly. It is nuts. And, yes, they all have the gaskets in place and have all been hand washed, so they have not been warped in the dish washer. I am using them as cups with just weird threads at the tops, but after paying $25 for a water bottle, I am more than a little disappointed. Since I ordered “customized” bottles with initials on them, they will not refund my money.

  17. Thank you!
    This makes me feel a “little” better since mine doesn’t leak all the time. I just keep a paper towel handy…Just in case. And I’ve never put it in the dishwasher either, it’s hand washed, the gasket is just the same as when purchased,no warping,no cuts, etc. (at least visibly as far as I can tell. I haven’t put it under a microscope.) The only liquid I put in it is filtered tap water from a $50.00 KDF85/Coconut Shell GAC Cartridge.
    Buyer beware!

  18. I don’t doubt some of you have problems with the water bottle, but it has been perfect for me. Never leaked. And I wash it in the dishwasher all the time.

  19. My lid leaked and I searched the web and found this review. I was very disappointed in this product UNTIL I made a discovery in my dish washer. The inner rubber ring around the inside of the lid had come off during a wash cycle. Once I placed the ring back in place – NO MORE LEAKS. Make sure your lids have this ring still installed. If not, check your dishwasher!

  20. I have the leaking issue as well, VERY disappointing!! And yes, the gasket is still there, lol. I have taken it apart, screwed it on differently, and I also have NOT put it in the dishwasher. It started within the first month of purchase, but I figured I was doing something wrong. Recently I thought that I had fixed it, after filling it and before putting the top on it, I would wipe down the top of the bottle, the shelf under the screw portion that attaches the lid. Well, I was all proud of myself until yesterday. No matter what I do, or how often I wipe it down, this thing leaks like crazy! I love the concept but this is ridiculous. And it’s not one or two drops either, I am embarrassed to use it at work, as who wants to walk into a meeting looking like you can’t even handle a simple cup? I really wish they could come up with a solution, I love the other cups, but this thing is garbage!!

  21. Thought this was the best water bottle ever until a couple of weeks went by. I thought it was just me but now I see everyone is having the same issue. I tried lining up the tab, I checked the gasket, I never put it in the dishwasher, never had anything but water in it….

    It quite simply doesn’t work. No matter what I do it leaks. I feel bad that my wife spent $25 on it for my birthday present and I can’t even use it.

  22. I have the same issue with the leak. I tried everything mentioned here in the weeks I’ve had the water bottle. It is my second Tervis water bottle. The first I purchased on-line for my daughter. She didn’t like that it wasn’t keeping her water cold throughout the day at school so I decided to try it rather than add it to the water bottle graveyard. I loved it. No leaks at all. She then wanted it back so off I went to purchase another and now mine leaks. I don’t know if it’s the lid or the bottle because after washing I don’t know which lid is which but she hasn’t complained of a leak meanwhile I have water down my shirt. I’ve even tried drinking out of it when the top of the lid is on the side rather than over my nose and it still leaks. It leaks no matter what so I guess the moral to the story is it’s the luck of the draw with this water bottle.

  23. Occasionally I get emails from this site with the comments you see here regarding the “leaking top.” After my last comment Oct 2nd 2012, I’ve not been using the bottle much at all. It sits on a refrigerator shelf with water in it “just in case” I feel like using it. But, 99.9% of the time I just re-fill water bottles that I get at a local Burgerville. They don’t leak!

  24. I think the “leaking” is coming from the spout. I have had good success by just pressing the “button” on the top when it is shut which causes a vacuum and seals it.

    This has solved my “leaking” problem.

  25. No responses in a while. But I figured I would throw my two cents in. I have 2 of these and had one that would leak periodically. I discovered that the gasket was slightly warp and when I twisted the cap on it would cause the gasket to roll which prevents the seal. I simply flipped the gasket over. I also do not tighten but just snug the lid down on both of them and have not had any leaking problems since with the one and none with the 2nd bottle.

    My problem is at the top of both bottles they developed vertical hairline cracks to the point where with cold liquids I get condensation that drips off of the bottles onto the surface where they are sitting. Anyone else seen cracking at the top.

  26. I have been looking for a good water bottle for the gym that holds a lot of ice and water. I have some Tervis tumblers that I like but aren’t suited for the gym. I am so glad I found your review because it answered the question that I really cared about:

    “If you open the lid as far as it goes, it will stay open instead of flopping closed on your forehead as you’re trying to take a big drink.”

    The forehead flop is the most infuriating part of lids like this. Knowing that the designers took this into account makes me happy. I can now buy one with confidence. Plus, they make this kind with a Boston Bruins logo on it which is double plus good.

  27. I have five or six of the water bottles, because I love them so much, and have one at each house, gym bag, work, etc, so I’m never out, and can have one in the dishwasher while using the other one in rotation.

    As long as I get the threads to line up correctly in the beginning, I’ve had no problems. But, if I rush, and don’t make sure the lid is latched, or it is screwed all the way down, of course it will leak, but I have also learned my lesson after a time or two!

    Mine are all washed on the top rack of the dishwasher (at least the lids are, as sometimes it seems like the whole dishwasher load is just Travis). After taking them out of the washer, I undo the gasket and wipe under the rim before fitting it back on. I store them on the shelf with the lids on, but open. But, I rarely put anything other than water in four of mine, and they seem to do much better than the other one. Not sure if tea/sugar/caffeine/acid/coffee/juice/etc break down the rubber making it lose that seal ever so slightly maybe, as my bottle for home doesn’t stay as cold, either. But, regarding my regular tumblers, there seems to be no difference.

    Just “drink” for thought…

  28. I have had my water bottle for a little less than a month now. I love it and use it daily. I have not had a problem with leaks. I do have a problem with mold forming on the underside of the lid. How do I clean this? Thanks!

    1. I’ve had this problem with the mold too. I’ve leaned it with several different kinds of cleaner but there is still a dark ring on the rubber. Any suggestions?

      1. I have had mold issues as well, which is why I got on here to see if anyone else had the same issue. Doesn’t matter how often I clean it, the mold is there the next time I use it. I’ve even developed sore throats and coughs from it, so be careful!

  29. Mold is growing from inside the rubber portion of the lid. It wont clean off because it is coming from inside the rubber itself. …tried to get tervis to replace it but no response from them.

    1. We’re on our second Tervis water bottle. The first one kept growing mold on the inside of the rubber circle on top. . .having the mold problem again. We scrub and scrub, bleach it out, wash it in the dishwasher, etc. I can’t figure out how others aren’t having the same problem . . .? Anybody have some techniques to share?

  30. What is the function of the rubber seal on the top of Tervis water bottles? Can I remove it and put a straw in it, and if so, how do I remove it?

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