Keeping Your Earbud Cables Tidy is a Sinch

The Sinch is an easy to use flexible strap with embedded magnets that can be used on or off your favorite smartphone or audio device. Attach it to your device’s earphone jack, wrap the earbud cord around the device and snap the two magnetic ends together. Done. It’s available in White or Black and is priced at $15.99 which seems pretty pricey for what it does. I currently use something similar to the Sinch to keep my own earbud cables tidy. If they were offered in more colors and for a third of the price, I’d definitely buy a few.

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  • Ronald April 7, 2012, 5:31 pm

    I’m using a piece if carton with two v shaped openings in the ends. Just wrap you ear buds around it and you’re done.
    Costs nothing. :-p

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