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datajack broadbandI don’t know about you, but I’m ready to be implanted with that chip people keep talking about because I want to be always connected.  Until that day, I have to find other ways to keep myself connected.  It seems most every device now offers a cellular option for 3G (or even 4G) connectivity, but the problem with that is that data plans are expensive and often even require a contract.  And what do you do when you have a phone, tablet, and a laptop that you may want broadband for, but you don’t want to have separate contracts for all three?  DataJack offers a line of broadband products that can get you connected at home or while you’re out and about, and that can let you connect only one device or multiple devices.  Best of all, DataJack offers contract-free service plans that let you select the amount of data you need.

With DataJack, you first choose the device that best suits you.  Select from a broadband USB modem for your laptop ($70), a MiFi 2200 Mobile Hotspot ($90) to connect up to five devices to 3G, and even a 2550M Broadband professional-grade, mobile broadband router ($190) that lets you connect up to 256 WiFi-enabled devices at once.  Next, you choose the service plan.  There are no questions, no credit check, no activiation or early termination fees, and no contract.  Plans start at 200MB for $9.99 up to 5GB for $49.99 (30-day usage period).

The DataJack network offers secure nationwide 3G coverage at home or on the go, without roaming fees.  Their Data Usage Calculator lets you determine the amount of data you’ll need for the amount of emails, surfing, streaming music and video, and gaming you typically do in a month.  If you miscalculated, you can change plans whenever you like.

Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming DataJack review at The Gadgeteer.

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  2. I’d want to know whose network they are using. I bought a Virgin Mifi for $130 at Walmart to get their rate of $20/mo for 1 GB. The unlimited rate is $50/mo, also no contract. But reception is spotty outside of major urban areas since it doesn’t do roaming.

    1. @Betty Which network is Walmart using? I’ll be getting a DataJack this week to test. I know they aren’t using Verizon (unfortunately) because their coverage map doesn’t extend to my house… my guess is that they may be using AT&T or Sprint. I’ll try to get some extra details.

  3. Looks like Sprint to me — the devices are CDMA, the map looks like Sprint, pricing virtually identical to Virgin, the map web page is a skinned version of Sprint’s coverage search, etc. So the coverage will probably be identical to Virgin right down to the lack of roaming.

    (Note that a Google search might turn up older info about Datajack that talks about them using T-Mobile, but that doesn’t seem to be the case now.)

    Depending on usage this might be a better deal than Virgin’s $50 plan — Virgin starts throttling at 2.5GB, while these guys give you 5GB (but then cut you off) for the same price.

  4. @Julie The Walmart deal she mentioned is for Virgin Mobile, which uses Sprint. Although their normal price is $20 for 500MB, you get 1GB for that price instead if you buy the device at Walmart. (They check the ESN, so they know what store they sold it to… no way to get the same deal if you buy it anywhere else, including from Virgin’s own website.)

  5. Me to, Julie. With phone, tablet & notebook, I want, no, I NEED something better than what I’ve got now. DataJack looks promising, so I will be checking for your review.

  6. I an totally unfamiliar with computer ling and use. Can someone explain to me if Datajack is something I have to have a cell phone with a certain company to use or is separate. How can I find out if it will work in the rural area I live in.

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