Black & Decker Laser Level BDL100AV Review

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The All-In-One Laser Level (BDL100AV) from Black & Decker makes it easier than ever to hang pictures, paintings, shelves, or mirrors.  It can also be used to space any items evenly apart on a variety of surfaces.  Let’s give it a closer look.

To use the Black & Decker All-In-One Laser Level, attach it to the wall with the temporary wall mounting suction cup, or use a push pin for non-smooth surfaces.  It was very easy to press in the wall suction cup button.  The button has a broken red line at the base to let you know if you need to compress and create more suction in order for the unit to stay mounted to the surface you are attaching it to.  I used the push pin to mount the laser level to a soft, solid wood (Douglas Fir) and when I tried to remove it, the pin part pulled out from the plastic head and so the push pin is no longer usable.

The Black & Decker All-In-One Laser Level can be used as just a level or laser and level combined.  This image shows the on/off switch, which is labeled on both sides of the level body.  The laser level can be flipped to project a horizontal line right or left.  It has a metal plate on each side to connect with the wall attachment by a magnet.  The metal plate is located under the Black & Decker label.  There is an adjustment of about 0.75″-1″ that allows movement up and down between magnet and metal plates.  With the magnet and metal plates both being smooth surfaces to allow play, I feel there could be some discrepancy in reading when going from one direction and then flipping it over 180 degrees to read the other direction to keep the same level plane.  It maybe could be more accurate if there was a spring lock mechanism built into the magnet for more of a consistent attachment.

The top image shows the red light in the bubble vial if the device is not level.  The image on the bottom shows the green light that indicates level or near level.  There is also an audio button on the right end that can be used to notify when an object is level, which is helpful when you can’t see the level itself.  The laser level will beep and the beeps will increase in frequency when the object is near level.  It will then have about a two second solid tone before it stops when the object is level.

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The laser light is said to illuminate up to 15 feet, depending on light conditions.  I thought this was correct.  The projecting horizontal was listed as +/- 1/4″ at 10 feet.  While the level light displayed green,  I moved the laser level up and down on the magnet and got a difference of 3/8″ at 10 feet.  Even when the laser level displays green, you should still look at the location of the bubble in the vial for a perfectly level reading.

Make sure when you use the Black and Decker All-In-One Laser Level that the back is completely against a solid surface.  I had it mounted with part of it hanging over a ledge and it threw the electronic internal level (sensor) into a state of malfunction where the LED light that illuminates the bubble vial was flashing and then the unit needed to be turned off and then back on to be reset.

The Black & Decker All-In-One Laser Level has a suggested retail of $30.  The unit comes with 2 AAA batteries.  The door to the battery compartment is removable and unhinged so there is potential of it being misplaced.

Overall, the Black & Decker All-In-One Laser Level is good for the do-it-yourself person.  If you are doing a reading that needs to be precise, do not rely on solely the green light – check the position of the bubble also.  It is user-friendly, lightweight, can be used on multiple surface types, and it can be used as solely a small level or laser level.  The cons are: play in the magnetic mount can skew the accuracy when changing direction 180 degrees, personal experience with pin breaking, and if entire device does not rest completely against a solid surface, you may experience an error that can be cured by resetting the device.


Product Information

Manufacturer:Black and Decker
  • For indoor use only
  • Use in temperature range of 50 degrees Fahrenheit-104 degree Fahrenheit
  • Designed to work on painted drywall vertical surfaces (semi-gloss, satin, egg shell and matte). Also primed drywall, glass, and most plastic and metal
  • User friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Ease to read level or unlevel
  • Can be used as freestanding level or as a laser level
  • No marks made to wall
  • Battery access door does not hinge. It comes off and could be misplaced.
  • Site on level where magnet attaches to and magnet itself are flat and so there can be play in positioning

9 thoughts on “Black & Decker Laser Level BDL100AV Review”

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  2. Don’t buy this piece of Black & Decker Crap ever. After one week the audible buzzer locator stopped working, then the green level signal only activated when the bubble in the level was at right hand end of the tube. Took it back to retailer, retailer accused me of dropping it and refused to refund or replace. Never ever buy Black & Decker products they are just cheap nasty made in China junk!.

    1. I ignore the green light . Level worked fine for awhile but now does exactly what Baza described. The green light will come on but only if bubble is off center so I go by visual position of bubble and not the green light. I use this level when the light is red but bubble is in the exactly center of tube. The faint audible buzzer works incorrectly by stopping when light is green and off level so I always have it switched off. Only reason I do not throw this out is because because laser and manual bubble in tube still work properly.

  3. Baza-have you tried contacting Black and Decker directly? I usually have better luck contacting the manufacturer vs. the middleman who hopes to make a buck off their product.

  4. Karen was right, Baza should contact directly to B & D so that they can help you quickly. In many products sold by any manufacturer does often have a proportion of certain defects. I think this is very normal, I’ve been in a similar situation Baza.

  5. aw…amazing review so far! Can’t wait to try it for working better. I have one but that was not good for good work nw I want to try this one. Thanks for this post.

  6. I recently purchased one of these, and I don’t think you can really complain considering the cost. (Unless you get one like Baza of course!).

  7. Hello Karen, Black & Decker All-In-One was the first laser level i had ever used and that time i thougt it is so proffesional))). Whatever – your review is truly and clear for the beginners!

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