K-Tor Power Box – Pedal to the Metal and Charge Your Devices

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KTor Pedal Power Generator

We live a much more sedentary life these day with hours spent in front of the television or your PC.  Get some exercise while charging your favourite smartphone, tablet or handheld games console with K-Tor’s pedal powered Power Box.

Measuring 4.5×4.5×8.75 in. and weighing less than two pounds (28 oz), the Power Box can be used to generate power for devices of 20W or less and comes equipped with a standard power socket. It’s also a useful device in emergency situations such as disasters or blackouts where you need to charge critical equipment.  You could put one under your desk while working, get some exercise, and generate clean, green power.  The device was an honoree in the 2011 CES Innovation Awards in the category of portable power.

No pricing is available yet but it’s coming soon.  Fire up the spandex and watch some Tour de France highlights for inspiration while you’re waiting. 🙂

3 thoughts on “K-Tor Power Box – Pedal to the Metal and Charge Your Devices”

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  2. If this is reasonably priced I am very interested. I already use a similar pedaling device for exercising in my home. If I could generate power as well… I’m in.

  3. Their website mentions $49.95

    I think the output is 110V, wouldn’t it be more efficient to have a 5V outlet (for charging via the USB port)

  4. Yes it’s 110v and has a standard plug on it. I suppose that just makes it a bit more flexible and then it can be used to charge or even “live power” devices that aren’t USB ( 5V ) powered.

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