The New Technology In Eyewear: EmPower!

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NOVEL articleLargeEmPower! is the largest optical advance in the last 50 years.  It is the first electronic-focusing eyewear.  A tilt of the head or touch to the temple activates a layer of liquid crystals in each lens that focus as fast as you can blink an eye.  The mastermind behind EmPower! is PixelOptics, a Virginia-based company.

EmPower! provides correction for all ranges of sight:  near, far, and in between.  It creates 50% less distortion/astigmatism (peripheral swim) and creates a wider field of view, 2-3x more than progressive lens.  Hidden in the frames of these otherwise normal looking glasses is a microchip, micro-accelerometer, and rechargeable miniature batteries.  Each lens is able to changes its molecular structure, changing the focus as needed.  There is a transparent LCD layer to the lens that with the accelerometer detecting motion,  sending a signal to the LCD layer.  This changes how light is refracted and is comparable to the varying thickness of traditional glasses.  These functions are done in automatic mode.  There is also a manual on/off function.  You can turn off the near reading power when needed.

Empower! eyewear was introduced last spring and has spread across the U.S.A. market with an estimated price tag of $1,000-1,200.  The price includes the cradle to charge the glasses.  A single charge on the cradle gives 2-3 days of use.  EmPower! eyewear is waterproof and does have the option of transition lens for those who want to use them as sunglasses.  Aspex provides the 48 different frames, which are in an assortment like traditional frames with metal, plastic, rimless, and rimmed.  The lens are manufactured by the Panasonic Healthcare Company.  The lens of this eyewear can be popped out and replaced as the prescription changes.  To learn more about EmPower!, check out

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  2. I came across these today at my eye doctors. I picked out a frame not realizing what they were until the sales associate explained to me. He said there were still allot of bugs in the system. This worried me compared to the price & fact that I need my glasses full time. Ultimately I made the decision to pass for now as I could not find any non bias reviews online & would like more information as to warranties, etc. sounds pretty cool though.

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