Writing instrument that never needs sharpened and never runs out of ink

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It’s not really a pencil and it’s not really a pen. The Beta Inkless Pen designed by Axel Weinbrecht, is a writing tool with a tiny metal tip made of lead that unlike regular lead pencils, will not wear down with use. It lays down a grey line that doesn’t smudge or erase and can be used in any temperature or weather. You can get one of your own for $27.95 at Jac Zagoory.

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8 thoughts on “Writing instrument that never needs sharpened and never runs out of ink”

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  2. Vladimir Estragon

    Swell idea. Brings new meaning to the term “poison pen.” Hey, how about a version that uses depleted uranium instead of lead? We could start using up all those nuclear waste products lying around.

  3. You can’t simply create matter – if something is being deposited on the paper, then something is being worn off the tip of the pencil.

    Unless you believe in alchemy.

  4. Eric is, of course, correct.

    Eventually the tip will wear down, but just very very slowly when compared to graphite/clay pencils.

    BTW…lead was used, along with gold and silver, for the same purpose.

  5. @Eric so the energy to matter replicator I purchased from the Needful Things store doesn’t work? I hope I can return it!

    Seriously, I can’t believe the tip is lead…at least not pure lead as that would wear out pretty quickly and also have some other issues…including health safety concerns.

    Of course, when I was a child I thought I was supposed to get chips for my lunch from the windowsill…

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