Flipside 2X Wallet FlipsideKick Card Holder Review

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If you own a Flipside 2X wallet, can now add some additional card storage to your favorite currency holder. The FlipsideKick is a snap on holder that will securely hold 3 standard plastic credit cards or 6 business cards (or a combination of both) on the outside the wallet for instant access. Let’s take a closer look.

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All Flipside 2X wallets come with a thin profile Polycarbonate plastic clip on the outside that is designed to hold a couple business cards or thin folded receipts. It doesn’t work well for plastic cards though. That’s where the FlipsideKick comes in…

Just unsnap the original card holder and replace it with the FlipsideKick.

The FlipsideKick has two wrap around arms that click into place over the wallet.

At this time, the FlipsideKick is only available in Black.

Once installed, the FlipsideKick does add some extra bulk to your wallet, but not so much that you’ll really notice a difference. The edges are rounded and there is nothing to catch on your pants pocket if you store the wallet there.

The cards slide in from the top and are held in place by the center tab that lightly presses down on the cards. You can even use this holder for one card and it won’t fall out. I tried shaking wallet with much vigor and the card didn’t budge.

Although the FlipsideKick can hold 3 credit cards with raised numbers, I found that doing so is a tight fit. It works better if at least one of the cards is smooth like a driver’s license.

Or you can use it to hold 6 business cards.

To remove the cards, you just slide them out of the slot by sliding up from the bottom.

The FlipsideKick is a simple way to add addition card storage to the 2X wallet. It’s handy to keep your most used credit card on top so that you can easily access it when needed. Also, since the Flipside 2X wallet shields RFID signals, the FlipsideKick will allow you to use your RFID cards without having to open the wallet.


Product Information

  • Adds additional card storage to the Flipside 2X
  • Easy to install
  • Only available in Black

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  2. I got an email from them an ordered one right away!
    I found that the 2 clips don’t provide a secure enough (latch) and the opposite end had a tendency to lift and catch in the pocket. 3-strips of double-sided tape running the length did the trick 😉
    Other than that, no complaints.

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