Julie’s Gadget Diary – 09-17-11

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gadget diaryDear Gadget Diary,

It’s been a gorgeous early Fall Saturday here in Southern Indiana. We went to the local Farmer’s Market this morning to check out the fresh produce, baked goods, crafts etc. Then we headed out to our small municipal airport for breakfast / lunch at the Hanger 5 restaurant. I brought along my iPhone 4 and the Pixeet fisheye lens that I’m currently reviewing so that I could take advantage of any photo ops that I might come across while we were running around in town. I managed to snag a few shots, but will have many more in my full review to be posted soon. 

The Pixeet can capture 180 and 360 degree panorama shots. Here are two 180 degree shots. I’m still trying to perfect the 360.

Columbus, IN Farmer’s Market:

Columbus, IN Municipal Airport:

Now I’m completely obsessed with iPhone photography gadgets 🙂 I wonder how much better (hope it’s not worse!) the iPhone 5’s camera will be? I’m very much looking forward to being able to use one of the volume buttons as shutter button.

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    1. @Joe Thanks! I hope to get some really cool 360’s. I was able to finally make one after I got home today. It was hard to do it earlier when it was so bright out that I couldn’t really see the iPhone’s screen.

    1. @Tony It’s a special app that works with the Pixeet lens that I’m reviewing. The images in that post are 180 degree pans. There are several 360 degree panorama apps for iOS that don’t require a special lens though if people want to play around.

  2. Holy cow those pics are great! How did ya do it? I want one! Can it work on an iPod Touch?
    Nice garden you got going at your home 🙂
    Wish I had a green thumb instead of the darkfinger of death for plants 😛

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