Make Sure Your Small Pet Always Has Fresh Water with Catit

The Catit Drinking Fountain from ThinkGeek recirculates and filters your cat or small dog’s drinking water.  The recirculation helps cool the water, and some say running water is more attractive for pets.  The filtration removes water impurities and bad tastes and the bits of food and hair that always seems to be floating in the water bowl.  A plastic guard for the cord prevents chewing and keeps the cord dry.  There’s even a side bowl for some food.  It holds 100 oz (3 liters), so it’s more than enough water for the hours you’re at work.  ThinkGeek says it’s for cats, but the Catit would also work for smaller dogs.  The Catit Drinking Fountain is $52.99.

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2 thoughts on “Make Sure Your Small Pet Always Has Fresh Water with Catit”

  1. We bought one of these several years ago. Our cats completely avoided it. It’s an expensive and fussy way to keep water fresh, and it’s worthless if your pet won’t use it.

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