NASA’s New Mars Rover Prepares for Launch

Curiosity, the fourth Mars Rover from NASA, is preparing for an upcoming launch to discover the red planet in a bit more detail.  Named by a sixth grader in a NASA contest with over 9,000 entries, Curiosity will be carrying a payload of 10 scientific instruments and two robotic arms.  Through the use of these scientific packages and its arms Curiosity will be able to analyze the rocks on Mars to determine if there is the necessary elements to support life on Mars.

The $2.5 Billion, five-ton space, vehicle is schedule for blast off between November 25th and December 18th for an 8.5 month journey to Mars.

For more information check out NASA Mars Exploration

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  • Bob DeLoyd August 15, 2011, 4:25 pm

    I want to go along! I’ve never been to Mars. Maybe I could help dig for water 😛
    Anyways, I think it is a mighty fine project!

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