Is this a Gadgeteer Worthy Nail Clipper?

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You might remember my review of the Klhip nail clippers which have a really cool design, but a price tag that is very prohibitive. Guess what? I’ve found another pair of clippers that look just as cool (maybe more) but cost considerably less. They are the Pour Homme Ultra Slim Nail Clippers. They feature a flat design, are made of stainless steel and come with a leather pouch. You can find these clippers on Amazon for $26. Anyone out there tried them?

8 thoughts on “Is this a Gadgeteer Worthy Nail Clipper?”

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  2. I’ve had a pair for a couple of years. Usually quite difficult to get the parts to align correctly so you can clip, although sometimes they align effortlessly. The stitching on the case has failed and now it is a tube, not an envelope, and the clippers don’t stay in. All-in-all OK but not great.

  3. Um, do they clip 26 times better than the buck pair of Revlon ones I have.
    I’m not much into appearance — more concerned with functionality — especially for nail clippers.

  4. @Tip

    No. not better. But I always carry clippers in my pocket and since the normal kind don’t close completely, the cutting edges get dulled bumping into change, keys etc. These both close completely and are in a leather case so they stay sharp.

  5. My entire family has been using these for 10+ years, and have been a standard fixture in the coin section of my wallet for as many years, since they are as thin as a coin. Extremely well engineered and and exceedingly recommended. A modern marvel to behold on use.

  6. I bought these clippers about two years ago for travel because they are flat and compact. After using the first time, I discarded the $2.49 Revlon ones (made in China) and bought another Pour Homme pair. These are great. Never going back to the Revlon and China junk again.

  7. Those are pretty nice…I usually just use the scissors on my leatherman micra to trim my nails though.

    I don’t know that I would carry around a single use item like clippers, but I can see how they might be handy

  8. I can say without hesitation that I will take the $2.00 pair of Revlon clippers any day over the Klhip brand. The Klhip brand are always out of alignment and never seem to do a good job. Jut my opinion.

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