Camera Lens Cap Holder

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Lens cap covers are a necessary evil.  They protect my DSLR camera’s lens when I’m not using the camera, but they are so easy to lose.  I’ve resorted to buying those keepers that you glue on to the cap and attach to the camera strap with an elastic band.  You don’t lose the lens cap – if the glue holds – but the cap is flopping around while you use the camera.  And when you have multiple lenses, you have to change the lens cap keeper as you change the lens.  Enter Mark Stevenson, who invented a patent-pending Camera Lens Cap Holder  that slides over your camera strap and holds multiple sizes of lens caps for a given camera type.  You just snap them on the holder and they’re held by friction – just as they are when they’re on your lens.  Mark’s Kickstarter project was funded at 375% percent of the request.  Hopefully these will be available for purchase soon.

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  2. I’ve used the older capkeepers for decades. You don’t really have to change them when you change the lens…they’re always attached to the lens…so when you take one lens off the capkeeper goes with it.
    I dunno in 30+ years I’ve never had a problem with one…best of all they cost under $2.

  3. @Ken Actually, I do need to change the lens keepers that I’m using now. The lenses are all different sizes, so they can’t use the same size cap. Each cap keeper is glued to a cap, and each has an elastic strap that gets attached to the camera strap. When I change lenses, I have to detach the keeper’s elastic strap from the camera’s strap and attach the strap on the new lens.

  4. Cool idea! The poor man variant would be to attach velcro to both the camera strap and the lens cap. When you need to put the cap away, just attach it to the matching velcro on the strap. 😀

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