AViiQ Portable Charging Station Announced

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Interesting take on the age-old gadgeteer’s problem of portable power. AViiQ (pronounced “a-VEEK”) has announced their Portable Charging Station, a 3+1 USB charging hub in a zippered carrying bag. Pockets for your cables, pass-through syncing with your laptop on one of the ports, and a single-slot AC adapter all show their attention to the design details that bug travelers. At $80, it’s a tad pricey, but for the problems solved, it looks like a must-have for Road Warriors!

5 thoughts on “AViiQ Portable Charging Station Announced”

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  2. RainyDayInterns

    It never cease to amaze us that we still have to have a separate charger for every gadget we own.

    Will be nice when all of our gadgets can be recharged via induction or some other form of standard smart contact-less recharging.

    It will not only free up our overloaded power strips, it will free companies from having to come up with “solutions” like this to make living with our gadgets easier.

    1. @RainyDayInterns I’m not sure that will ever happen though… Because you would think it would have happened by now. Sometimes I think that all these companies follow some unspoken rule NOT to make things easy on us consumers. Just think, if there was one standard way to charge devices, all the accessory makers would be out of business…

  3. RainyDayInterns

    Sadly true…we have three Nikon DSLRs and a point-n-shoot. NONE of them us the same size rechargeable battery or charger. So if a company doesn’t even do that with their own items, there is little hope of it happening across different companies.

    Still we are hopeful 🙂

  4. Its missing a solar charger. What about a module so that instead of plugging into the grid, it pulls from a battery on the back of a small solar panel, perhaps integrated into the case itself.

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