3G for iPod touch? ZTE Peel 3200 says yes.

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You’re quite fond of your iPod touch.  But often it would be nice to have wireless capability without being tied a WiFi hotspot.  Have a look at the ZTE Peel 3200 available from Virgin Mobile.  It’s a case for your iPod touch that gives you a 3G data connection.  $29.99 plus no-contract $20 for 500 Mb per month with data through the Sprint 3G Network.  It can also act as a mobile hotspot for one additional WiFi-enabled device, like a laptop.  The fine print: compatible with 2nd and 3rd gen iPod touch only, but curiously NOT 4th gen.  Great idea, but even my kids have the 4th gen.  I suppose you could pick up a used 2nd or 3rd gen for less than retail and outfit it with this…?

14 thoughts on “3G for iPod touch? ZTE Peel 3200 says yes.”

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  2. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but this looks like it would work WITHOUT an ipod — as just a mobile hotspot. For $30 — plus $20/mo for data.

    That is *NOT* bad… I’m tempted just for that.

  3. The FAQs and Q&A on Virgin’s site make it seem as if that might work, although perhaps you need an iPod to set it up or something.

    One big disadvantage in my opinion is that the only plan Virgin offers for the Peel is the $20/500MB. You can’t put it on the $50/”unlimited” plan, nor on the $20/1GB Walmart plan which seems to still be available for MiFis and USB sticks purchased there.

  4. This sounded great to me, so I ordered one. It didn’t charge. Customer service said they would send me a replacement, but that guy was incompetent and didn’t finish processing the replacement order. After a week, that order was identified as not having been placed and I was assured a replacement was being expedited to me. Three business days later I received a box with … a too small return envelope and no replacement device. It’s been 2 weeks since my initial order. I give up. If the thing works, you can’t tell it by my experience.

  5. This device is nice and inexpensive. It fits onto the back of the 2nd 3rd gen iPod’s but doesn’t require either. I set mine up through the wireless on my laptop. You do need to connect through the device to activate it, the website doesn’t open outside of the device. Cheap and handles up to two devices, now if there was better coverage on the Sprint network all would be well.

  6. Hey….Virgin mobile blowing them out with $29 bucks + free ship +activation +whatever..

    scored one…with that low per month and no commitment I could not resist, its for my 4g…will let everyone here update on how it works..

  7. From what I have seen, the reason that this is not made for the 4th gen iPods is because it is a case that would cover the back camera, not because of signal compatibility.

  8. It really is simply a 2 connection MiFi hotspot. The casing shape is the only thing that makes it iTouch specific. There is no electronic interface between the casing and the iTouch. It simply clamps onto the iTouch case. The hard plastic case does block the Synch and headphone ports. There is an extender for the headphone jack which allows one to get past the heavy duty case to plug in earbuds while the PEEL is in place. However one has to pull out the iTouch if one wants to synch it. There is accommodation to reach the volume buttons and the power button at the top.
    Battery time is roughly 3 hours
    Access Point is configurable
    Security is WEP 64 with a 5 character password if one wants to turn it on. It is off by default.

    Right now Virgin Mobile is selling it for $9.99 with free shipping.

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