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I’ve long been a proponent of Voice over IP (VoIP), having dumped the phone company over 7 years ago.  During this period I’ve used 2 major vendors and only  switched to the latest one because my former VOIP supplier was getting greedy.  The price performance has been outstanding and the quality has been more than acceptable.  I’ve never stood still and have continuously compared other VoIP providers offers, but I have not considered magicJack a serious player.  This is because the magicJack required your computer to be running for it to work.. That’s until now!   The new magicJack PLUS can be plugged into a router or broadband modem, just like the big boys.  Also, I got turned off by the extremely annoying video on their home page.

Before I get into the details, perhaps a little refresher is in order. To use the magic Jack, or any VoIP device for that matter, you’ll need a broadband Internet connection. For magicJack a minimum bandwidth UPLOAD speed of 128 kb/s is required.  This would probably be cable or DSL, but not satellite.  It doesn’t make sense for someone to subscribe to broadband just for the telephone capability, so Grandma and Grandpa may want to stay with Ma Bell.  You should also have a minimum understanding of your home network, because there will be times that you’ll have to reboot your modem and router to clear up problems.  You should also be aware that if you lose power or Internet connection, you’ll also lose your phone capability.  I’ve addressed the power issue at my house by plugging my cable modem and router into a UPS.  This gives me an hour before I lose telephone service and covers most short power interruptions.

Features provided by magicJack:

  • Voicemail
  • Caller ID
  • Call waiting
  • Call forwarding
  • Your own phone number
  • Unlimited free calling within the US and Canada

There’s really not much to the device.   You may not even need the smaller of the two cables.  It’s a USB extension cable and you may be able plug the magicJack into your computer without it.

I decided to see how idiot proof the installation was, so I plugged the device into my LAN, via a powerline Ethernet adapter, hooked up the phone and within 30 seconds had a dial-tone.  There’s no computer involved in the configuration, but to keep the device active, you’ll have to register the magicJack online within 48 hours of installing it.  To minimize the number of variables when testing this thing, I used a corded phone, so the sound quality wouldn’t be affected by cordless phone issues.

Here’s a closer look at the setup.  The magicJack plugs into the AC adapter, which plugs into the AC outlet.  On the left of the unit you have a socket for the phone cable and one for the LAN cable.  You could of course run the LAN cable from your router or switch.  I like using powerline Ethernet because I can locate the phone anywhere there’s an AC outlet.

Here’s the setup when using the magicJack with a computer.  Because of the clearance to my USB ports, I needed the extension cable.  If using a laptop, this probably wouldn’t be necessary.  This setup is simpler, in that all you have to do is plug a phone into the phone port.  Power is supplied by the USB port.  However, to run in this configuration, the computer must be on and the softphone magicJack application has to be running.

The first time you plug the magicJack into a computer, it loads the softphone application and has to be registered.  This process takes about 14 screens of selections.  Here you will get an online account and select a phone number.  Unfortunately there wasn’t a number available in my home state of New Hampshire, so I elected to get a California based number.  There is the option later of changing the phone number, for a fee, if one you want becomes available.

Be very careful when navigating the registration screens.  Most of them have an up-sell button and of course, it is the biggest.  If you don’t pay attention you could be signing up for more than you expected.  The above screen shot is one of the less egregious examples.  At the end of the process you should have a phone number and online account.  Also, be sure to use the address where you expect to use the magicJack, when you sign up.  This address will be used for the E911 service.

Now that we’re all registered, we can either leave the device plugged into the computer or plug it directly into a LAN port.  I’ve opted to use the LAN port option because it doesn’t require the magicJack application to be running.  However, when traveling I can take the device with me and use it with my laptop and when configured this way, I can either use a telephone plugged into the device or I can select to use the laptop speakers and microphone to make calls.  This is changed in the softphone application.

When plugged into the computer, the above screen will pop up for an incoming call.  At this point if you are using a telephone you pick it up and answer as normal.  If using the computers audio, you would click on accept and begin speaking.  You can also use the pop up window to place calls and listen to voicemail.

click image to enlarge

Regardless of whether you connect via the LAN or PC, you can access your magicJack account via a web browser.  Here you have some options that can be changed and you can access your call logs.  You may notice the switch for stutter tone at the bottom.  At first this didn’t work, but now it does and it triggers the voicemail indicator on my phone.

Now the question is “how’s the voice quality?”  I must admit I am pleasantly surprised at the quality of the conversations I’ve had.  With all the VoIP devices I’ve owned or reviewed, I’m used to echos and delays, but I’ve experienced none of that with the magicJack.  This runs counter to what I’ve read about the device in online forums.

In short, this latest version of the magicJack could make them a serious player in the VoIP space.  I now am considering dumping my current provider.  If you’re thinking about jettisoning your POTS phone, the magicJack Plus may be the way to go.  They do give you 30 days to try it out, so you don’t have much to lose.  Now if they’d only do something about their annoying home page and stop the bush league up-selling on all their screens.

Note:  The Gadgeteer is not affiliated with the Magic Jack company in any way.  We don’t provide customer support for them.  However, many of our readers seem to have chosen the comments section for this review as an informal peer support forum.  There are hundreds of comments with this review, and it’s likely that your question has already been asked and answered.  If not, and if none of the other readers can help you, you’ll need to contact Magic Jack directly.

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  1. I am unable to either dial out or receive incoming calls on either of my MJ + dongles. I just get a burst of three busy signal tones regardless of the number dialed. Also it does not ring on incoming calls. I cannot get anyone on live chat or even get into my account. Is anyone else having problems

  2. @Graham Hall…Just checked mine and its working as it should, it might be a problem specific to your location, I’m located in FL…Have you tried unplugging the unit and plugging it back in?

  3. Graham – *VERY* occasionally – actually very rarely, maybe a couple of times per year – you may experience such a temporary interruption of service; when they do occur they generally only last for far less than an hour – FAR less lengthy and frequently than most other VOIP providers experience – and voicemail is generally unaffected. Today’s service interruption appeared to coincide with some issues related to the accounts website /servers; this sometimes reflects brief episodes of system maintenance procedures and other such things. My MJ service is already back up & fully functional.

  4. My service has been partially restored. I am able to both make and receive calls on the MJ app and my original 2011 MJPlus. However the 2014 can only make outgoing calls but cannot yet receive them. I have tried the usual unplugging etc. so for now the original MJ plus is back in service and the 2014 now occupies a space in my desk drawer. Maybe it is because the 2011 MJ is on a different server to the 2014. Could this be the issue? I will wait until after the weekend and try again. It is impossible to get through to the chat line. At least I have service for now.

  5. Well I could not resist and finally got through to MJ chat. It was just a matter of updating the software on the 2014 MJ. I was told to unplug it for 30 seconds after which time it was able to receive in bound calls again. I have to say that you do need a lot of patience to get through to the chat line but I have so far always been pleased with the end result

  6. My daughter currently lives in Charlotte, NC and has been using Magic Jack Plus for the past year. She is moving just a few miles across the state line to South Carolina. Will she be able to keep her MJ phone number even though she is moving to a different area code region?

  7. Has anyone used Magic Jack Plus with DSL? What is needed to hook it up without using the computer (modem, router, etc.)? Does the router have to be specific to the DSL provider?

    My daughter currently has a router that she has been using with cable service. If she moves to DSL in another area (i.e. she is physically moving to an apartment in an area without cable but with DSL) does she have to acquire a different router?

  8. Bill: The router should work with DSL with no problems. MJ will also work with DSL however it may take some creative work within the house wiring. You see DSL comes into the house using the telephone wiring therefore just hooking the MJ back to the in house wiring will not work. The DSL service will need to be brought to the DSL modem via it’s own pair leaving the regular phone pairs free to back feed the MJ Dial Tone to all the instruments throughout the house. A little tricky but possible.

    If you use the MJ through the computer or plugged into the router with just the one phone plugged into the MJ then the house wiring would not be used and no wiring modifications would be needed.

  9. Tom. really appreciate your help. Can I get some clarification.

    Assume my daughter has DSL coming to her new residence via the phone line. She would need a DSL modem – correct? I assume this modem would have to be acquired from the service provider- correct? Does she need just modem – or also router? I tend to confuse modem vs. router.

    If she has 2 connections from the modem – one to computer and one to MJ Plus (no other connections or use of wiring in house), would she be good to go?

    Thx again for taking the time to help! Neither my daughter or myself are overly tech-savvy.

  10. The DSL Modem would be provided by the Telco. Most DSL’s modems only have the one port which either the computer plugs into or the router. ( If you are not going to be wireless with the computer you could use a Hub instead of a router, your choice, but if she already has the router then just use it) The router would then provide you with a wireless internet signal from the modem for the computer to pick up. Routers normally have about 4 additional ports of which you would then plug your MJ into (if you do not want to use the computer wireless then you could also plug the computer into one of those ports as well) At this point your MJ should be on the internet through the router and have dial tone. Now you have to get the dial tone to your phones which is the tricky part with DSL as I previously explained. Good Luck

  11. Tom,

    I follow everything you say except about getting the dial tone to the phone. Assuming that the MJ is connected (with wire) to the router, wouldn’t she just connect her phone wire to the phone port on the MJ?

    Thx again – you’re terrific.

  12. Bill: You are correct. The MJ+ has 2 connections….one for the network cable which goes to the Router and the other goes to the telephone. When you are using cable internet…..then they use the cable coaxial to bring the internet in therefore the house telephone wiring is not used making it available to back feed the dial tone from MJ through out the house to all phone locations. With DSL one has to be a little more creative with the wiring because it is used to bring the internet into the house.

    If you will only be using one phone then that phone would simply be plugged into the MJ+. Simple configuration.

  13. Tom,

    Just to summarize. Assuming that she can get DSL via the phone co., she would connect the modem to a phone jack in the house. Then connect router to the modem. Connect computer and MJ via separate wires to the router. Then plug phone (she will only have one) into the MJ. Then she should be good to go?

    Can’t thank you enough for helping me with my “simple mind.”

  14. If she gets the DSL from the phone company they will install and connect the DSL Modem up. It may even come with a built in Router, but they will do what is needed in that regard. If it has a built in router then it will have additional ports which the MJ+ can then plug into, then the phone will simply plug into the MJ+, in that case you would not even need your router? If their modem is a modem only then your router would plug into their modem, the MJ+ would then plug into your router and the telephone plug into the MJ+.

  15. Magic jack is the biggest rip off product i spent my money.
    they stole my money they holding my number hostage and i have no service. There online help i don’t even know why they bother having it cause none of them can fix anything they tell you they will email you I think just to get you offline and shut you up, I have been trying to fix this now 2 months and no one can help
    dont waste your money

  16. Helenya: There has to be a little more to the story??? Many issues have been resolved on this site for users like yourself. If you want help with your Unit and assistance in getting it to working provide a little more information on how you are hooking it up, what type of internet connection you are using and what the problem is you are having. Never can tell…..there may be a simple answer that someone is overlooking .

  17. I’ve been reading these posts and I’m hoping you can help with my problem….

    I bought the mj + 2014 and hooked it up, install was simple and it seemed to work fine for about a week, then I started having a problem with the calls where at times I could not hear the caller or the caller could not hear me, this would last for anywhere from a few seconds or long enough for the other person to hang up, some calls work fine but for the most part this happens most of the time. I tell the person on the other end this can happen but it seems to be happening more and more.

    I have the mj+ plugged into my power strip and have a Linksys e1200 wireless router hooked to a cable modem, there are 2 laptops that access the internet here plus the phone but it does’nt matter if the laptops are on or not to have this problem. Also the mj+ is connected to an at&t wireless phone.

    I bought this as we live a long way from town and have little to no cell service out here, the cable is from time warner and is the 15 mbps connection, we have no problem with connection or speed related to the computers, I thought the problem was trying to run the computers with the phone, but this is not the case, still does it even when it’s the only thing accessing the router. I’ve tried resetting the mj and the router and modem but this has’nt helped. and from what I’ve read here contacting mj wont be much help either….

    this set-up worked so good the first week I opted to get the 5 yr. service deal at the reduced price, I hope someone here can let me know what is causing this so I can get it corrected, I’m getting tired of telling everyone I talk to about the service problems with this phone, a lot of my calls are to the VA in relation to my cancer treatment and it’s impossible to get back in touch with the people I talk to there….

    any help or advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated…..

  18. Dennis – Given the fickleness of VOIP and MJ service in particular you shouldn’t have sprung for a 5-yr subscription until you’ve tried it out for at least a year. Having said that…

    ASSUMING you’re using a high quality Cat 6 Ethernet cable to connect your MJ+ to your router and there’s no problem with your phone or its wired connection to the MJ+, try connecting the MJ+ directly to your MODEM and then see if the problem persists. If it does not, then chances are it’s with your router hardware and/or its firmware (and/or the router’s internal settings).

    If after trying that the problem still persists, it’s most likely due to either a) problems with the MJ network server that your MJ device and phone number is assigned to connect with, or b) your MJ+ hardware has gone bad prematurely. Sometimes when the MJ+ is connected DIRECTLY to its a.c. adapter it can overheat, so try connecting the two together via the small USB cable that came with it and see if that helps.

  19. I know most people who gave comments regarding MagicJack, Vonage, Ooma, Obihai..etc are North Americans. The bottom line in all of these talks wherever forums online is who’s the best among all regarding voice communication. Best means being cheap if not free, easy to use, always available, less hassles bringing and setting up modems and video (remember?where you get to see who is at the other end.) And call them enywhere anytime as long as you get to use free WIFI at Hotels and starbucks around the world. The solution has long been around. Havent you heard of “OVER THE TOP APPS” (OTA).

    (Anyone here that leaves their smartphones when they go around and just bring wires and modems of magicjack, vonage,nettalk and so on and ask the people stablishments to let you plug into their power outlets and LAN system). We have to think about from 2014 and to the future of communicating globally.

    If i will have to rank OTAs as of January 2014 (for international use) the best will have to be LINE (of Korea, from Japan). Second will have to be VIBER (of Israel), Third will be KAKAOTALK (of Korea) and forth will have to be Nimbuzz (from Israel, of India). There are other OTAs but I limit myself to these 4 Apps because all 4 have PC versions, all other OTA are just mimicking the top 4. (WeChat, IMO, Snapchat..etc)

    All you have to have is your Android or iOS phones, Install these OTAs and register you mobile #s and automatically calls can be made to and from to all your phone contacts who are already using these apps.

    Its for you to find out why the top 4 are indispensible. Calling non viber users and landphones are possible thru Viber Out(like Skype Out).
    Make your own assessment and comparison with all existing OTAs which best suit your needs.

    These days bussiness partners prefer giving cellphone numbers, Majority of mobile users these days uses android, iOS, nokia smartphones.

  20. Hi.

    I am considering sing MJ, and I have a question. I live in Toronto, Canada and go thru a major service provider for hi-speed internet service and a separate major provider for phone service…. a standard landline.

    I usually use WIFI for internet service but also have the option to plug laptop directly into the router.We have had a lot of trouble with frequent, short-term interruption of our internet service on a daily basis, often several times per day. We were told that this is because there is one main cable line to the building, which Is then branched to serve all the residents in the building. We are told that Bell, however, has individual signals for each resident in a building.

    Question: With the ongoing internet connection issues we have, is it possible that would interfere with the use of MJ ?

    Also, I am not at all computer savvy, so please don’t use highly technical terminology.


  21. Steve: Simple answer is if your internet goes down your MJ+ will also be down. It is dependent upon the internet to work.

  22. I have had a number of problems with magic jack customer service, They have been charging me twice. I paid for 5 year service. yet they continue. to charge me full price annually. When i complained that i want the extra charge back. they cut off my service. then charged me again to get it back. Yet never even returned the first extra charge. and still have my account as expired for next year when i should have another 4 years of paid service left. It has been over a month and no one has fixed this problem or refunded the extra charge.

    It is my believe the customer service must have very weak english .

    other then these billing issues the magic jack does work as advertised and is a good product. Just watch your account carefully

  23. SteveHC, thanks for the reply, here’s where I’m at after trying what you recommended….
    first, let me ask a favor, please keep your responses as simple as possible, I’m what you would call technologicly challenged!!!!

    here’s what I tried….

    not sure what a cat 6 Ethernet cable is but I found a better cable than the one that came with the mj+ and plugged it into the mj and the router, and added the short usb cable to move the mj away from the power adapter, same results, calls started cutting out on both ends of the conversation….. then I tried to plug the Ethernet cable directly into the modem, as there is only one Ethernet plug on the modem I had to unplug the router to do this, and when I tried to make a call I got the message that I needed to ck my internet connection from mj and it gave me error message 3002. After that I hooked everything back up the way it was, with the mj plugged into the router and got the same result when I made a call….the conversation started cutting in and out not long after the person on the other end answered.

    Also, would you please explain what the lights on the mj indicate ???

    there are 3 on what I’ll call the front, blue,red and green, and there are 2 more on the top where the power and Ethernet cables plug in, they are green and yellow… when the mj is on and working, the lights on the front are blue stays on and the red and green flash back and forth, when I plugged the Ethernet was plugged directly into the modem the red flashed constantly and the green flashed but slower than the red, also the lights by the cables the yellow one stays on and the green one flashes….

    sorry for the long confusing explanation but I’m trying to give you as much info as I can about this situation.

    thanks in advance for all your help, I really appreciate it

  24. Dennis

    With networking issues I power off the modem, router and the device (magicjack) and bring them up in order.

    Power on your modem. (It is connected to your cable or phone line). Give it about two minutes to power up and get connected back to your ISP.

    Power on your router. Wait 2 minutes.

    Have all cables connected to your mj. Plug it in. Wait a minute or more.

    Maybe mj will work now.

  25. DennyH, thanks for the response, tried what you recommended in the order you said and made a call, it seemed to work, the call was clear and didn’t cut out. A while later I made another call and after talking about 5 min it started again, the person on the other end said it cut out for about 15 seconds and then I couldn’t hear them for a few seconds then after a few more min it really got bad and I ended the call….

    made another call later and had no problems, that call lasted about 15 min.

    then my cancer dr. called and it was really bad, started cutting out right away and he said he was hearing a lot of static on the line, I had to end the call, this is really bothering me cause I have no way to get back in contact with him, its at the va and getting in touch with him directly is hard, since I couldn’t hear him when he gave me his direct number.

    I guess I’m going to try an online chat with customer service because I read on here that it could be a problem with the circuit I use to connect with them???? in the event I can get in touch with them what should I ask them to do, is there a way they can reset the circuit I connect with????

    this phone would be great if I can get this bug worked out.

    BTW, in case you need to know I;m using a new att wireless phone with this set-up, I forgot to mention that before.

    and again, thank you in advance for all your help, I would like nothing more than to not have to ask you for your help anymore!!!!

  26. service is horrible
    This is the worst company I have dealt with. The customer service does not exist. They keep telling you things and dragging things on but never resolve an issue. I had the corporate office hang up on me. My issue started when I bought a second upgraded magic jack to replace an older one. I registered the item to replace the old one which never happened and then started getting billed for both. Coustomer service did noting excpet tell me stories, I had to go through my credit card company to get my money back. Now my account for months is in review, I cannot renew my phone number or extend my service because the account is under review and has been since 2013. No one has given me the same or any straight answer and I am changing services to find someone reputable. I would watch out, it all works well to god forbid you have an issue then you will never get it resolved.

  27. I am currently away from my home base in Ontario Canada and I am presently in San Diego, CA. I have MJ app on my iphone and therefore assumed that all incoming calls would ring on the iphone while I am away. When at home both the MJ plus and iphone ring simultaneously. However, the iphone is not ringing although I am getting missed call messages displayed on the phone. The thought had crossed my mind to disconnect the MJ plus before leaving home. However I assumed that it would ring in both places. It seems as though the calls are all ringing back at home but not here. Has anyone else had this problem? Next time when travelling, I will unplug the MJ plus from the network before leaving home.

  28. Has anyone else noticed that call forwarding is back on? Nothing about charging extra for this brought back feature?
    I have not been able to see this website for over a week until yesterday. The last post I can see is on Feb 4. Thanks for fixing this Julie!

  29. I’ve been a magic Jack customer for a long time. i recommended it to my friends. All you need is FAST internet. I have it connected to to replace Ma Bell Just don’t connect more than two corded phones.

    I have a second Magic Plus line as a fax/phone and it works fine.

    It is much better than the old Magic Jack,

    the Cell app Does not work on my Windows phone. I’m waiting for the contract to expire to Change over to Android.

  30. I recently purchased this MJ plus device for my mom who resides overseas in Panama City, Panama. I was told that it didn’t need a PC connection to work, what I didn’t know is that I needed a modem or router with internet connection for it to work. So at this point it’s useless because my mom doesn’t own a PC nor have internet!!!! FRUSTRATED and returning it!!

  31. What part of Voice Over Internet Provider would lead someone to believe that the device would work without internet service…. ?

    Even the most cursory reading of the information on the MJ or other VOIP providers sites at least informs you that you need a computer to do the initial setup and then can move the device off the physical computer.

    I have a hard time finding fault with the service provider in this instance

  32. This is one of the dirtiest products and services I ever saw. I first purchased majicjack a couple of years ago. Simply I believed them and took for real whatever they lied on the media. Majicjack is not working for me. It didn’t work at all. Since I first got the ‘majicJack’, I said, ok, let me try the ‘plus’ and purchased it again and I agreed to ‘transfer’ what ever balance I had on the old device. The ‘plus’ thing is not working again. Then hoping that I’d get some help from the technicians, I started seeking online help and chatted for two continuous days with about eight different agents. Everyone comes asks questions, instructs do same elementary procedures and transfers to ‘a higher professional’ when they see that what ever they said didn’t work. At one point, one of them suggested my phone apparatus might have some kind of problem. Even though I knew it had no issue at all, I went ahead and bought a new phone just to give them the benefit of the doubt. We tried it with a PC, with a Mac, without computer by directly plugging the device to the router and plugging it with a provided Ethernet cord, I don’t know what we didn’t try. It …. is ….. still …. NOT WORKING!!!! Now, I am fed up. I spent my money, nerves, energy and very precious time. I have no appetite to deal with this rubbish thing any more. This really is sad. I am very much disappointed by this “majicjack’ thing. It doesn’t work and you don’t get what ever service you might be promised to be furnished with. Cheep!

  33. I can’t complain, THAT’S for sure! My old original MJ connected to my laptop, my MJ+ connected to my router, and my two iOS MJ app installations all continue to work EXCELLENTLY for me.

  34. I love my MJ+! It was one if the best purchases I’ve ever made! I am not a tech savvy person, but the setup including porting my phone number was very easy. I’ve had no issues in the year that I’ve had my MJ+.

  35. Almost 2 years with my MJ+. Zero problems setting it up. Excellent voice quality. Call coast to coast regularly with essentially no problems. Has been my only home phone for almost 2 years. For the price per year I never expected or looked for much in the way of customer service and fortunately have never needed it.

  36. Seems to work great for me, I knew up front that any support was lousy, and fortunately haven’t needed it. I have mine plugged into my 16 port switch in my wiring closet. I considered getting a 2014 model, but heard it wasn’t any better really.

  37. I have recently bought mj 2012 and so far no issue it work fine but i heard when renewal time comes near it get problem also if u choose or select 1 year renewal it charge twice or make some problem so was it true if antone share there experince i was really thankful

  38. I renewed for one year the last time and had no problem such as you mentioned. Would probably be good to wait till really close to the renewal date to process the transaction.

  39. I have purchased a 5 years of service and a year later magic jack says my subscription has expired I have tried to get help on line with a 800 number and my call was directed to India the time I spoke with some there I could not make out what he was saying. They also said that my computer was at fault and they did something from their end which destroyed my computer so I had to purchase a new computer, i did not authorize any repairs. I would like to speak to a Canadian representative who speaks English so I can understand. Please have someone contact me at the following number, 306-763-6060 or 306-763-5663
    Thank You
    Mario Benincasa

  40. @Mario

    This is a forum composed of MJ users and as stated at the top has no connection with the Magic Jack company. On the other hand there are some very good, technically literate people here who might be able to help you out if you give them enough detail to work with. Off hand I can’t think of anything a MJ representative could have done that would have ‘destroyed your computer’. More detail is really needed

  41. @Mario,
    Just in case you’re not aware, there are 2 subscriptions with MJ:
    1. MJ device that can be renewed $40/yr or discounted rate of $100 for 5-yr
    2. if you ported your own phone# over to MJ then there’s also a $10/yr renewal, and this must be done annually not extended subscription.
    You can log into your online account then and check status of your account. It should show a renews date for the device and another renews date for the number.

  42. Just wanted to said about the Magic Jack is a great product because I am a college student and cant afford unimilted calling on a cell phone so this come in handy a lot which every where I go I have free wifi and if I am at the school I used the app to make call on my I pod Touch 4 generation it sound find to me maybe once in a while I have some drop call but it not to bad of a quality and when I drive I used tracfone it a awesome product.

  43. MJ is very reliable, but it’s complete lack of built-in features, such as call-block–this available with a 3rd source software for $20, and only works with MJ connected to computer–it’s complete lack of features is ABSURD. The review needs to compare head to head MJ with Nettalk, which does offer the usual features you’d expect with any fone system.

  44. From what I can see at the top of this section, this is stated as being a personal review of the Magic Jack Plus, and not a comparison of various VOIP systems and as such I can’t fault the lack of a side by side comparison with any other system. It is what it is and quite well detailed in my opinion.

    And within the comments there are certainly many comparisons made with other devices but the primary focus of this forum is help with Magic Jack issues, not other VOIP systems.

  45. I purchased MJ Plus about 3 months ago and kicked Ma Bell to the curb – I splurged and went with the 5 year plan, which is not quite 2 months of service with Bell – I set it up plugged into the wall, ran a modular cord from the MJ to an outlet, and because all my phone lines in the house are common, corded and cordless phones all work fine and all display called ID – my Shaw receiver, which is plugged into a phone jack, will not display caller ID but it does on a regular phone line – I’ve tried the 100k resistor and still nothing – I have talked to COUNTLESS people at MJ, and nobody really seems to know what I’m talking about – all they say is it won’t work, no real explanation – anybody have the same issues or a fix for this, it would be greatly appreciated – cheers – Jim

  46. Jim, I am not familiar with the Shaw Rx (CID works fine on Bell RX). Since you said it worked on a pots line, I assume you turned CID on in the setup. You also mentioned possibly more than one regular phone in the system. As SteveHC has said, “one regular phone is the limit” for MJ. My first suspicion is that while the phones may ring, there is not enough voltage left for the satellite RX. Try disconnecting those regular phones and see what happens. Cheers.

  47. I will try tonight and advise – currently 3 corded phones and 1 cordless base running 4 handsets, call display works on all, but I will try – thanks a bunch

  48. I am presently away from my home base and I am using MJ plus connected to an Infiniti router delivering only 3mbps download and about 286 Kbps upload. The connection is DSL and not cable. Fortunately, I brought both my 2014 MJ plus with me along with my trusty 2011 MJ. The 2014 has either proved to be defective or does not like the setup here since It keeps dropping the connection and I get an error message asking me to check the Internet connection. The 2011 model does not seem to have any issues and runs without any effort. Sometimes the quality is not great which I attribute to the connection here in Mexico. The lights on the 2014 are continuously flashing blue and red. I have not paid any attention to it at home since it has never given me any problems. Does anyone have any issues with their 2014 MJ?

  49. Jose R. Mercado CGSSL

    The magic jack service has a lot of short comings you may or may not attain a successful connection when connecting to the router. This effort will be on your own effort since the technical services provided are below par. Since having purchased the magic jack system I have to troubleshoot on my own and presently I have been trying to connect to my router in order to not have to use the computer. Many companies in the USA fail to acknowledge that the Voice of the customer could make or break their longevity in business. I certainty for see magic jack engendering this issue as customer’s seems to be of no interest to them just the bottom line.

  50. @SteveHC or Tansafl

    I am still having problems with my 2014 MJ down here in Mexico. Although I have my backup 2011 MJ, I may need to start the process of contacting MJ for a replacement if mine is truly defective. Are either of you aware of issues regarding DSL with this version of MJ? It worked perfectly on my cable connection back in Canada but cannot maintain a connection here. I have read that an update is due for the 2014’and wondered if this may be the problem

  51. You may want to wait until you are in the USA again as M/J has at their disposal a tracking mechanism that knows your computer’s IP address and if you try to change it out of the country….they will not be able to solve the problem. Remember this VIOP and it’s not like a land line….it’s predicated on good access to internet and good computer speed.
    Despite it’s short comings, it is a very valuable communication device!

  52. Graham Hall – Two questions:

    1. When you say “2011 magicJack” are you referring to the old, “standard” device that required a computer or do you mean the previous version of the magicJack Plus?

    2. Have you tried using either device down there via connecting to a PC via USB?

  53. @ Steve HC
    My problem is more specifically described in my above post 2218. Both devices are the plus variety connected to a DSL modem. I am unable to connect to a PC since I am travelling with an iPad. I am going to try connecting it again via different Ethernet cord and also maybe use a different electrical outlet. I first have to purchase a longer Ethernet cable, which is annoying since I have tons of those things at home.

  54. Graham Hall – Given that your older MJ+ model works ok down there but your newer one does not, I would certainly suspect that the newer one is defective in some way. I would check for issues with its power supply first, then contact MJ about it. Wish I could be of more help, but as my older MJ+ model continues to work fine I have stayed away from the newer one.

  55. I used mj for about a year, 3 years ago, then stopped. The quality was bad, but usable most of the time. I bought mj plus in July, ’13. It never worked. After hours and hours of on line chat with tech support and no result, I gave up, returned the device and received a refund. I then re registered my old device. They kept both numbers active, with separate billing dates for yearly service, even though I only have 1 device. When I was automatically billed for the supposedly canceled part of my account I spent half a day with customer chat trying to make them understand their mistake and cancel the non existent service. I finally was assured that my payment would be refunded. It wasn’t, so I just ate the loss and had to change my credit card number to prevent any further automatic payments. I should have at least 6 more months of service on the active device, but it now very rarely works at all. Worst, most ignorant customer service I’ve ever encountered and by far the worst phone service anywhere, except MAYBE tin cans and wires.

  56. This post is directed at anyone using the 2014 Magicjack plus.

    While travelling to Mexico I had an issue with connecting the 2014 plus to a router which I was able to resolve. However, the issue brought to my attention the operating lights to which I had never paid any attention. As you know there are three lights located on the side of the device. One is blue which remains on. The other two are red and green which I understand are supposed to flash in sequence. The red light means that the device is connected to the MJ servers. The green light checks the diagnostics of the unit.

    On mine, the red light flashes as it should but the green light goes out several minutes after it is connected and does not flash. Leaving only the blue steady light and the red flashing one. Whilst the device seems to be functioning, I am just wondering if the absence of the green light is a concern. I was unable to get any sense out of the chat line. Do any other 2014 users have this issue? Or is this the normal operating procedure for this version of MJ. Any help would be appreciated.

  57. Graham Hall – I do not have the 2014 MJ+, but given your previous posts regarding your recent difficulties connecting it to a router it might be helpful to many other readers if you were to post on how you resolved the problem.

  58. This is In answer to your question Steve. As you may be aware I purchased one of the first 2014 models when first released in June of last year. The unit performed as the original plus version with the exception of the inability to recognize DTMF tones at my bank. This issue was resolved quickly through the chat line. An update was sent from them to the unit which rectified it. It has performed without a hitch until my recent vacation in Mexico. I was using a seven year old DSL router with only 3mb of download speed and about 100kpbs upload speed. When I connected the unit to this router it kept crashing and I received an error message 3002. Finally I was able to get it to hold the connection for a week without crashing by merely rebooting the modem. I have read negative reviews on Amazon by numerous people complaining of the 3002 error message. Since I never had problems until I used a rather crappy router, I assume that this was the issue. I am now back home and the unit has been running for two days without a hitch. If it stays up for more than a week, then I will know that it is a router issue. I am using a year old Linksys router with 20 Mbps of download and 3 Mbps of upload.

    I am curious about the lights issue so if anyone with a 2014 could let me know about the three lights issue I would be grateful

  59. Graham Hall –

    Yeah, while some modem/router model combinations could care less which of the two is booted up first, many do. I use a relatively old Netgear router. When I was using it with an old DOCSIS 2 Motorola cable modem neither ever seemed to care which was booted up first; but since I recently “upgraded” to a new DOCSIS 3 Motorola modem now the router suddenly they seem to care about their boot-up order LOL. Go figure…

    Anyway, I’ve not ever heard of the particular LED issue that you describe. My best guess is that it’s a defect.

    If your MJ+ continues to work properly in spite of it then most likely it’s a defect limited to the LED itself and thus would not otherwise affect the operation of the device.

    You could probably get the company to ship you a replacement device for just the shipping & handling fee, but whether or not it would be worth it to you (especially if they’d require you to send them the defective device first) is of course another matter. If you do decide to ever go that route be SURE to do two things:

    a) Get ALL of their current return/replacement info from them upfront – especially any necessary RMA number or the like – and be sure to ask them to properly record the issue and any necessary relevant info into your account records; this company seems to have no problem with changing their product replacement procedures from one year to the next; and

    b) If they require you to send them the defective device be sure to send it to them with a delivery service tracking number so that should they claim they never received it you can provide evidence that they in fact did receive it.

  60. SteveHC
    Thanks for your advice which I think that I will follow. If the LED issue does not affect the performance of the device, then it is not worth pursuing a replacement for all the reasons that you have outlined. My old MJ plus had to be replaced after the first year of use. At that time they simply sent me a new one which took about six weeks to get here. I then registered it as a replacement and the old one became a paper weight. Thanks for your help.

  61. Richard Temecula

    We currently have Verizon Fios (fiber optic Internet and unlimited phone service. I was required to purchase Verizon’s Actiontec MI 424WR router/modem for my 5/15mb Internet service to provide Internet service to two desktop computers as well as wireless service to 3 laptop computers, two desktop printers and three tablets. After our two year commitment ended with Verizon’s Fios bundled Internet and phone service, they immediately began jacking up the price of their service eventually pricing them selves out of our financial comfort zone ($101.99) per month for 5/15mb Internet and unlimited phone service. Our quick fix plan is to dump Verizon and switch to Time Warner Cable’s 5/20mb Internet service and forgo their land line service all together. I’ve been told by many Internet savvy technicians that my current Verizon modem router will work just fine on TWC’s Internet system. My wife and I are considering purchasing the new Magic Jack Plus as a replacement for Verizon’s over priced phone service. According to Magic Jack, we’ll be able to keep our old Verizon phone number, which makes notifying everyone of the change in our email address a real PITA! We had purchased an older MJ to take on a road trip in the summer of 2010, using it to avoid motel phone service charges as we scheduled our motel stops along our 12 day route up thru Central CA and Oregon We still have some concerns using the MJ to dial 911 in the event of a fire, burglary or medical emergency. Also how many phones (cordless or otherwise) can be connected to Magic Jack, not to mention the caller ID system. We both are medically retired, living on a limited fixed income, hence the plan to reduce our cost of needed services in our home. We would appreciate any thoughts, ideas or recommendations regarding our plans to switch Internet service and using MJ as our permanent land based phone service.

  62. I have used MJ+ since June and used TimeWarner without a problem. I did live in Los Angeles and did have a 911 problem. The porting charge is $20 or $30. I recently moved from Los Angeles and just unplugged MJ+ and reinstalled it without a problem.

  63. I am considering a MagicJack + and remember some sound advice being posted by Steve regarding new installations. Wondering how to find that specific info.

    I currently have Cox Cable telephone service and the cancelled Windstream Landline has been disconnected. This leads me to assume the service I now have is VOIP. But don’t know.

    I want to eventually port over my current number, but want to be sure of good service first, otherwise return the phone to Walmart within 30 days for appropriate refunds.

    I have a Uniden 6.0 dect system with 2 phones and an 1 older Radio Shack 2.4 GHZ . The Uniden Base and the Radio Shack are connected through the house to the modem from Cox.

    Any good instructions for me to follow will be appreciated.

  64. @SteveHC
    Steve, this may sound like a dumb question. I just noticed that I have a power bar with two USB charging outlets. Can I plug the MJ directly into one of these outlets bypassing and eliminating the need of the USB adaptor? It seems as though the Adaptor may have some kind of electrical current controls and I don’t want to risk frying the magicjack by going directly into the power bar. Thanks for your help.

  65. Graham Hall – It depends:

    1. Take a look at the power output numbers on your MJ+’s a.c. adapter – any alternate source’s output numbers should be as close as possible (meaning VERY similar if not identical). If those output numbers for the USB charging ports on the power bar are NOWHERE to be seen or found, I advise that you don’t use it.

    2. I *always* STRONGLY recommend that MJ+’s be connected to power sources that are surge, spike and voltage protected. If the power bar has none if that built in and you’re plugging the bar directly into “regular” household outlet(s), your MJ+ may very well not live to a ripe old age – especially yours, which as I recall is already showing signs of circuit board component and/or soldering connections failures (which are very often due to having been subjected to unstable current).

    I cannot possibly over-estimate or over-stress the advisability of always powering the MJ+ from a decent uninterruptible power supply that offers spike, surge and at least some degree of voltage regulation. One unprotected surge or extreme voltage drop can easily be all it takes to “fry” a MJ+.

  66. Thanks Steve. The power bar is definitely surge protected. The reading on the power bar states a maximum of 5 volts. I have decided to keep the MJ connected with the USB adaptor, which is from an iPhone. Your observation regarding the recent issue with LED lights is interesting. I have to confess that I have had the unit plugged directly into the power supply until now. This could well be the issue Thanks for your help

  67. Earle Goodwin

    Well, I have had the Magic Jack for several years running it trough my computer. Don’t know about others, but I am experiencing a terrible hum and noise to the point that I cannot speak on the phone. If I put my hand on the little unit, the buzz/hum goes away eventually…Completely puzzled and disgusted.
    There are time when the line is perfectly clear but it’s few and far between the initial loud buzz.
    Help…anyone having the same problems??

    I have a Mac OX10

  68. How does att respond if I install magic jack plus and transfer my number to the magic jack?
    Would they shut down the line?

  69. I’ve had MJ for 7 years and MJ+ for 5 and the only time it ever fails is when my internet service is down (rarely) great product for the price

  70. According to CNN,

    There is a “Heartbleed” security flaw in open SSL. Most sites using https for supposedly secure transactions have been compromised for two years. These sites must first apply a patch and then you should change your password. Rather than bombard MJ support with the same question; would anyone hearing that MJ as fixed their end, please post it here so we can all change passwords. Thanks.

  71. I let my regular MJ expire a while back. the # I had is easy to remember and apparently still available. It “has not yet been assigned to a customer”. so now that I have upgraded to the MJ Plus, i wonder what I should do to get the old # back onto the new service I’m about to start? i haven’t opened the MJ+ box yet. any tips?
    Thx, MT

  72. I have an mj plus installed about 2 months ago. I use it with an AT&T uverse wireless modem. almost everyday i get the error 3002 and have to unplug the mj from the modem, plug it into the computer, make a call, then plug everything back into the wall again. then it works, but only for about 24 hrs before i have to go through the same process. also almost everday i will get a call from someone where they can hear
    me but i can’t hear them. if i hang up and call them, everything is fine.

    when corresponding on cust serv chat with mj, they just copy and paste responses form their trouble shooting guide which says i have to go out and buy a router becasue some modems only allow once device to be pluged in at a time, my modem as four ethernet inputs. my bro in law has same set up and his works fine w/ u-verse… i am not getting reliable cust serv from mj, it is not reliable for me as a phone service and mj is telling me i have to buy a router.

    i realize many say “i have no problems mj is great” however, that is not true for me – mj hardware is $50 bucks but i have to spend more than twice that? and still no guarantee it will work.

    caveat emptor – it might work and it might not.

  73. Carol – Chances are 99.99% that your problem is due to settings within your U-Verse-supplied combined modem/router unit that are not correct for the use of a VOIP device such as the magicJack Plus. I suggest that you search back in this comment section – as well as within the phoneservicesupport-dot-com website – for potential ways of correcting your modem/router’s internal settings.

  74. SteveHC-

    thank you – that was a fast response. i will see what i can come up with not sure why my bro-in-law’s u-verse works well with his mj, we have the same modem. maybe there’s no official “default” setting with u-verse modem? just a guess.

  75. Carol – *Many* U-Verse subscribers have reported this problem with their company-provided modem/router units. One of the problems with such “rented” units is you never know for sure if it’s a used one or truly brand new, let alone if it’s defective etc. And not all company-assigned “installer technicians” bother to set the unit’s settings correctly before leaving the installation site.

    The most important thing you can do when going into the unit’s settings is to make sure that it consistently assigns the MJ+ the exact same IP address ALL OF THE TIME and that the “lease” of that IP address to the MJ+ is set to never expire and/or to perpetually and automatically renew itself. This pretty much guarantees that the router & MJ+ will always recognize and communicate properly with each other without one or the other having to be rebooted every day. Of course there are other important settings to check also, but this one is frequently a big one.

  76. good point – possible used router – it looks and smells new and didn’t have any dust in the vents… but i don’t know. however, everything else i run off it works well

    i’m using the NVG589 modem. i can access the modem settings on-line. – how do i know if the unit is consistently assigning the mj to the exact same IP address all of the time?

    under IP allocation it offers 4 address names, how can i tell which one is mj? i have a macbook, i-mac, roku and the mj all running off the internet service, only mj is ethernet, the other 3 are connected via the wi fi.
    under subnets and DHCP there is a place to set the length of the lease, how would i tell if the lease is for the mj? there’s only one setting. are all appliances subject to this single lease setting? i can see where i can set the length of the lease… and it is set to one day, so that may explain the 24 hour thing, however, it only provides the option to set days hours minutes and seconds, not in perpetuity nd i dont see a place for it to renew automatically. so do i set it to some big number that will outlast the life of my modem? like 3000 days?

    by the way, it is awesome that there are people like you out there willing to help a non-techie

  77. i just realized, my lease can only be set for 30 days at the longest. no place to set it to reset automatically

  78. I moved over to Magicjack to get free from ATT and reoccurring expenses. Funny think with my ATT trimline POTS phone at 0.7B REN it work fine, clear, clean, no BUZZ.

    Then I remove the ATT phone plug the Motorolla Cordless 2 station phone/answering unit 0.0B REN and nothing but trouble, can barely hear the dial tone over the static and noise.

    Never had this issue with the ATT landline and the same cordless phone. So if Magicjack is sensitive to an specific REN range can I load a combination to bring the REN a bit higher and would that solve the problem?

    I can see too many phone adding to high a number can be a problem, but I think there may be a low limit as well for Magicjack. Anyone have experience with this and a fix?

    FYI – Just returned from Target with a CHEAP V-Tech phone and connected it up to the MagicJack. WOW – a clean dial tone, good volume and now a working system. Still puzzled why the Motorola cordless phone gave all sorts of issues with the MagicJack, still no explanation.

    The Motorola is fully functional but just not with MagicJack??? Soooow very ODD.

  79. Hello, does anyone know if, while using a MJ+ , it is possible to get an international calling service through a different phone company? MJ+ has its own international calling service that we can subscribe to, but in my area there is another company that provides international caling service and their rates are half the rates of the MJ+, however over the last 2 days it seems that they have been unable to connect me to their service?.
    Wondering if anyone had a similar situation?
    Thanks a lot

  80. I have had an MJ+ for over 2 years working great 99.9% of the time for calls coast to coast and local. For the past couple of days the caller id on my Uniden Dect 6.0 cordless has not been working. It has been working well continuously since setup with the MJ+ over two years ago. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Call quality is still terrific with the phone


  82. @Bernie

    Thanks for the update. I had not checked with MJ myself and nice to know the problem is not on my end and will be fixed at some point

  83. MagicJack is terrible and so is their customer service. I spent about 17 hours over 6 months with “customer service” typing, because you can’t talk to a live person, only to be ran around in circles. Finally gave up when I reach Pearl, the most ignorant and and condescending person I have ever had the displeasure of typing to (again, not live people to TALK to). Save your money and pay a little more for something better. Magicjack is a joke.

  84. Why would someone state that MagicJack is a terrible product with horrible customer service but give absolutely no details on the problems they say they are having and seek no help from the good folks here.

    None of us would rave about the quality of MJ customer service but a great many of us have had essentially trouble free use of our MJ devices for multiple years at a cost of 20.00 PER YEAR.

    There are people here who are knowledgeable, not connected to MJ, able and willing to help users who make the effort to ask

  85. magic Jack is a POS. Always has been and always will be.As the old saying goes, a fool and his money are soon parted. After trying everything available with the regular MJ for a period of about two years I gave up. The service was on line maybe an average of about 5 minutes per day. The remainder of the time was was spent on the line with tech services trying to get it to work. I replaced the device several times thinking that may be the problem, at my expense by the way. Finally I decided it must be me or my computer, Not. I paid the extra for the upgrade to MJ plus. More for the device, more for the service and now it works less than it did before. When you get customer service or technical service involved it is like beating your head against a wall. They have you do the same hulabalu over and over again and it never works. When it does come back on line the one thing you can count on is that it will not be for long.

  86. Anyone who says that they have MJ or MJ Plus and it works fine or works great and they never have any problems are bold face liars. That or they just got it and used it to make a call. The first day has not ended yet.

  87. @Wayne

    You will find many honest, intelligent people here who will totally disagree with you and have had very different results with their MJ devices. After 2 years with my MJ+ as my only home phone I renewed for a full 5 years and will soon hit the 3 year mark with zero problems as long as my internet was up and healthy. I call family and friends all around the East coast and the West coast weekly and they just as easily call me.

    There are very experienced and technically knowledgeable folk here willing and eager to help people with their MJ’s if they will only ask and provide some specific detail re their issues.

    But some people are happier just being able to rant I guess.

    And BTW no one here is in league or in love with MJ customer service either

  88. I have to agree with Lorenzo. I have had MJ service since March 2009, after I picked up one of the original PC only units from Best Buy in Florida. From time to time I had some minor difficulties with the unit which I managed to resolve through the chat service or from advice on this site. In 2011, I upgraded to the MJ plus and did initially have sound issues with choppy voice and loud beeping noises which many of us had. However they were eventually resolved through MJ upgrades and the unit is still functioning to this day. Last year I purchased the 2014 version. It ran faultlessly in my home. However I did have disconnect issues while staying in a condo in Mexico over the winter. It turned out to be an issue with the wireless router, and all has been well again since I returned home.

    I don’t know exactly what issues this gentleman is having specifically. It might help if he were to disclose the exact nature of the problem. I do agree that MJ customer service leaves a lot to be desired which is why it is good to have this site, where we can all share our experiences. I still believe that it is a heck of a good deal for $30.00 per year.

  89. Wayne: You referring to people as “bold face liars” is totally uncalled for.

    As stated many of us have used MJ for years, not always without some difficulties but those difficulties have for the most part been worked out.

    Then there are those who are so stupid that they really don’t need to own a computer let alone try to get something to work on it. They normally embarrass themselves by placing blame on everyone and everything.

    We all agree with you that the customer service sucks. Personally I don’t think I would offer you any help now if you asked for it.

    Your reference to everyone on this board affirms to me that you are one of the “stupid” ones.

    Good Luck

  90. "A Bold Liar"

    Wayne, another old saying “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” In your case, foolishly replaced MJ several times at your own expenses knowing that nothing changed & there’s a 30-day return policy on MJ, then it’s pure STUPIDITY. I can’t help but wonder if you also registered all MJ devices to the same account, LMAO. To get in this forum & called ppl “bold liars” is ignorant. As other gentlemen stated, we’re drawn to MJ for its low cost alternative to landline. It’s not perfect, but it works fine for some of us while challenging for others. “We got what we paid for” in terms of MJ’s lack of customer service; therefore, we came to this forum for the unofficial supports from knowledgeable users. If all devices behaved the same connecting to your set up, then it’s likely something in your set up causing them to not function properly. There are other VoIP solutions that you can try, but do humanity a favor, THINK before actions.

  91. I’m going on my 4th *relatively* trouble-free year with magicJack. Over that time there was one month wherein I experienced some significant difficulties related to 1) the MJ server that my number was assigned to, and 2) the local incumbent phone company not having set all of its call touting switches (or whatever) correctly got calls from MJ to some of its local subscribers. After receiving very detailed information about the problems from me, the problems were resolved by both companies within 30 days. Aside from that, I have found MJ’s phone service to “go down” about once per year and for less than one or two hours per occur acne – making MJ *considerably* more reliable than my local cable tv company’s highly-touted “digital voice” phone service.

    I have no clue what this guy “Wayne’s” real problem has been other than that he probably was never able to figure out how to get his router to work properly with MJ.

  92. – Sorry for those apparent “typo’s” above – the wonders of automatic typing “correction” lol…

  93. Had a great day hiking in the Blue Hills so feeling pretty mellow but I did have a final thought on our friend Wayne’s rant and sadly unstated problems… One of my dad’s favorite quotes among many was always, ” There is no such thing as a fool proof device because fools are very ingenious “.

  94. gotta say that with all the efforts that i have made between AT&T and magic jack to help resolve issues there has been no resolution. the service still goes off-line multiple times a day. i brought it to north carolina to my vacation home. we have charter cable for internet service up here. doesn’t go off line, but i still can’t use it because the people on the other end hear constant beeping as though i am pushing my dial pad buttons. i also get the situation where i can’t hear them but they can hear me – which was a chronic problem at my florida house as well. i invested $50 for the device, $30 to port my number, a few more bucks for 911… all before the annual fee. i can’t possibly rely on it for anything. i now have a message on my mjack vmail directing people to our two cell phone numbers stating that there is a cut off date for the service also, if i want to keep my number that i ported to magic jack – which i have had since 1985, i have to pay another $40 according to customer service. yes, the annual fee is cheap, but it doesn’t matter if the service never worked. customer service can’t refer you to a real decision maker. there is no contact phone number to talk to a decision maker. there is no email address to correspond to a decision maker. it is a faceless company who has taken my money and given me nothing in return but hassles, inconvenience and over 40 hours of wasted time with customer service.

    i am not a technical genius, i am not trained or certified in telephony. i shouldn’t have to be. if that’s what it takes to use magic jack then they should be upfront about that. the company has NEVER addressed a single concern or complaint about their product when i buy something i expect it to work.

    i realize some have had success… but that means nothing to the 100’s of thousands who have been ripped off with no recourse. i noticed parent company vocaltec’s performance hasn’t been doing well, falling short over 4% year over year

  95. @Carol

    I had similar problems in using The 2014 MJ plus while on vacation in Mexico. I am not sure which version of MJ you have. Have you tried some simple things like powering off your router, un plug the MJ from the router, then power everything up again. maybe your router does not recognize MJ and needs the reboot. again the 2014 version of MJ plus seems to be sensitive to certain routers. mine has worked faultlessly in my home for over a year. However, it did not like the router in Mexico which was DSL ( comes through a phone line) however it is happy with a cable connection. I hope that this helps. Also try changing the Ethernet cable. If you are using the flat one that came with the MJ, this could be causing you problems as well. Don’t be in a rush to give up, it does work. I have been using MJ service for five years with few problems. The customer service stinks for sure but you have come to the right place for help. Others may have some suggestions for you as well.

  96. done the power down, un plug routine. been through settings on the routers – i have spent well over 40 hours in only a few months – as i said in my post, problems exist across more than one internet service – uverse and charter cable. different routers/modems, etc etc .i have an mj plus. i am giving up because its stupid to continue paying money for what isn’t working. m jack should be helping resolve this, not some gadget web site. the company is faceless and its inexcusable for their customers to have to rely on a third party web site, albiet full of helpful freindly folk. the idea that “what do you expect for $20” is unacceptable. i shouldn’t have to pay anything for a product that doesn’t work as presented by the seller, whether it cost 75 cents or 75 dollars

  97. Hey guys. Beautiful day up here near Boston today.

    Got error 4998 on my Magic Jack Plus this am after almost 3 years of no problems (as long as modem and router were up). Unplugged it from the power adapter, waited a few seconds, plugged back in. Had no idea if that was the right move but figured couldn’t hurt. Yellow light and connection came right back up and life is good again.

  98. Wayne here just needs to send me all of his non-working magic-jacks and I’ll get them working at my house within a couple of minutes and I’ll have no problems with the service.
    Wayne reminds me of the little kids at the video arcades who puts in a quarter in a machine and it eats his quarter, so the kid, instead of walking away, decides to fix the problem by putting in another quarter because the next quarter will fix his problem. And keeps doing that for several quarters.
    Hahahahahahaha ! ! ! ! !
    Wayne is a funny guy and should be on the David Letterman Show doing stand-up comedy.
    I could almost see Wayne in his house screaming at his Magic Jack and crying for them to work and when it doesn’t he screams ” I’m going to fix you right now ! ! !” and runs to buy yet another Magic Jack plus an new telephone (even though his old telephone had no problems). Hahahaha ! ! ! Screaming, taking mental meds, and ripping out his hair & all over nothing. Dude should’ve just returned the first M.J.

  99. Actually, I can fully understand the very real frustration that a person can experience when they get their hopes up regarding a purchase such as a magicJack device only to find that they just can’t seem to get it to work with their other LAN equipment. And sometimes one’s magicJack/VocalTec server just starts acting up. Etc.

    But I (once again) must say that it works pretty great for *me*, and the iOS APP works REALLY great! In fact, when I’m traveling in wi-fi covered areas like I happen to be this week, it almost ALWAYS is better and far more reliable than cellular service. I LOVE having both cellular and VOIP-over-wi fi phone service within the same device (phone) – it’s FANTASTIC!

  100. Nice to see the Caller ID back up on the MJ. Don’t realize how much you use it till you don’t have it for awhile.

    Also just saw the MJ price increase. I just recently re-upped for five years so will probably hold with that for now.

  101. price increase? glad i’m dropping it when renewal time comes. given my history with mj+ which is well documented on this forum, i don’t need two phones. a cell is way more important when communicating in the 21st century. as for caller id, that’s the only feature i’ve never had problems with.

  102. Can I buy a MJ, get a number assigned and travel out of US and have VOIP service thru the MJ? Certainly the IP address will not be what I would have in the USA. I will not have access to a router at destination, just Wi-fi. I will have a Windows 7 laptop for a USB connection, an IPAD 3 and an I-phone 5s. I read something in the forum about an IOS App, so I assume I could connect with my I and using my I5s?? Figured I was already planning to bring one of my home phones to plug into MJ. So, will it work outside of the USA?

  103. Terry – IF you have no problem with the idea of using the MJ service exclusively via your iPhone, MY recommendation to you is as follows:

    Download the magicJack app from the App Store to your iPhone while in the U.S. While paying VERY close attention to the instructions etc. that the app displays, sign up for a “real” phone number via what they call the “upgraded/PREFERRED” subscription service – it will enable you to pick a regular US phone number for use with that app. IT COSTS ONLY $10/YEAR YET WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH ALL OF THE MJ SERVICES – but ONLY through that app, on only that phone. You will need to use a US-based credit card to pay for it, and the card’s bill-to name and address should match those which you use on your new MJ account EXACTLY. The ONLY MJ service you will NOT be able to get via the app is 911 service – for that you will need to use your regular cellular and/or landline service.

    MY experience with both the MJ hardware and the MJ app is that the iOS app works GREAT IF you set it up correctly (turn on all relenant “Notifications,” try to keep the app running in the foreground whenever possible, etc.).

    Do all of this with an Internet-connected computer or iPad nearby so that you will be able to complete your online MJ account set-up (it’s MUCH easier to do that on a computer – even a little netbook or iPad – than it is on the phone’s web browser & tiny screen).

    If you do this, be SURE to complete the process EXACTLY as you’ll want it – it can be VERY difficult if not impossible for MJ to correct mistakes you make regarding app installation & registration after the fact.

  104. Terry – Three last comments:

    1. The app works best via WiFi, and *fairly* well via cellular 4g data service. Forget about using it with 3g altogether. Decent service on PUBLIC OR HOTEL etc. WiFi depends – naturally – on how many other users there are on the wireless lan at the time, how strong your WiFi signal reception is, etc.

    2. If all goes and works well upon installation and registration, keep an eye on your credit card account for a few days. Once the $10 (PLUS TAX or whatever, if any) gets permanently posted to your credit card account, LOG ON to your MJ account and a) TURN OFF “AUTOMATIC RENEWAL,” and then b) DELETE YOUR CREDIT CARD INFO from your MJ account. This will help ensure that MJ does not inadvertently and mistakenly post additional charges to your credit card account. Because if they do it is VERY difficult to get them to correct the mistake and post a credit to your credit card account.

    3. I have found that in order to ensure that upon receipt of an incoming call the app rings long enough for you to be able to answer it before it goes to MJ voicemail, you must log onto your MJ account online, turn on voicemail and set it to ring for at least 30 seconds before going to voicemail.

  105. Elise Singman

    I have had MJ+ for just over one year, just renewed it. Now today I have a problem. When I try to dial out I get a clacking sound and then back to the dial tone. There is no problem with incoming calls.

    I have unplugged anything that can be unplugged and inserted it back in. I have un plugged the MJ+, plugged it back in.

    Please help me.

  106. @Elise
    Try logging into your account at my Click on call features select advanced from pull down menu. Make sure box is checked to accept both incoming and outgoing service.

    Good luck

  107. @Elise

    Sometimes it’s the simple things in life…..check that your phone did not get switched from ‘tone’ to ‘pulse’.

    Good luck

  108. Has a one checked out the MJ website recently. Apparently there is a new device called Magicjack go, which is the next generation. It does not seem to offer any additional service than the MJ plus (original and 2014 editions) the only difference I see is that you get one year of service with the device for $59.95.

    I am scratching my head over this one. I fell for the 2014 plus version a year ago. Now this!

  109. I’m guessing that the company decided to give up on expansion capability and so redesigned the mJ+ back to being without it – makes it a bit cheaper to make as well as a bit smaller. BTW – I see they actually did go ahead and increase the subscription renewal fees; am glad I did the 5-yr renewal when I received that email.

  110. Elise Singman

    It took me a while to find the website, to remember my name and password, and find advavanced – I did a few other things inbetween – and accept incoming calls and out going calls had been selected.

    I don’t have a pulse selection on my phone.

    Any otheer suggestions?

    Thank you for your help.

  111. @ Elise…Sometimes the same thing happens to me when I dial a phone number and it goes to a dial tone instead, or, if someone calls they can hear me but I cannot hear them…What I do is call my MJ with my cell phone and answer the call and then it starts working again…

    I don’t the reason why it seems to fix it but it does…

  112. truthfreedompeace777

    It seems the one new feature the Go offers is free conference calling and the useless 2 USB ports and SDIO slot are gone.Who knows what really happened concerning the extra capabilities the 2014 plus was supposed to have?
    The company is still claiming they will be offering texting, although they did not deliver on this claim last year.FWIW,management claimed texting would be offered in the 3rd quarter of 2014(by the end of September) in the most recent earnings conference call.

  113. I came home tonight, turned on my computer and lo and behold they have changed the screen for magic jack on my desktop! My problem is I am having a hard time seeing my contacts as they are gray on a white background. Has anyone figured out how to change this? My eyesight is going and I really wish I could get the old “skin” back on my computer. I tried live chat (good luck with that!) and I discovered that they are now closed. Does that mean we are no longer chatting with India? If anyone has any ideas I would be most grateful.
    On a sad note I found an article tonight while looking for help that said Dan the founder of magic jack died yesterday from a heart attack after playing soccer. My condolences go out to his family.

  114. Sad…. pretty young guy. Looked up and read his interesting bio after seeing the post above from Bruce.

    Any thoughts as to the potential affect on our MJ service and accounts, if any. I imagine the corporate entity will live on

    Condolences to Dan’s family

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