Amphibian Waterproof Hard Case for iPhone 4

The Amphibian Waterproof Hard Case for iPhone 4 from Proporta is tested and guaranteed to be waterproof to 3 meters.  You’ll be able to take photos underwater, and you can make and take calls while the phone is in the case.  The system consists of a hard polycarbonate case that can be used alone and an outer silicone skin that protects against water, dirt, and sand.  There’s a lanyard attachment point so you can wear it around your neck.  The Amphibian Waterproof Hard Case for iPhone 4 is $37.95 at Proporta.

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7 thoughts on “Amphibian Waterproof Hard Case for iPhone 4”

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  2. Great looking case. I also have come across a more practical case to protect my phone from water and sand at the beach called the iLoc Case. It’s perfect for me for that peace of mind but don’t take it underwater to warrant the need to get these more expensive ones. I got two iLoc Phone Cases for a $1 at

  3. Robert McLaughlin

    I bought this case. It’s protective and waterproof. But the plastic membrane, covering the screen, is too thick and it can be hard to get the iPhone to register touches through it. The plastic membrane is also a bit too cloudy to take good pictures through.

  4. You can get away with using a ziploc bag for times where phone/camera might get splashed on, but for actual underwater use with a clear picture and sound for more than a few seconds, and you’d be happy that you used something designed for that purpose. Many a poor soul has tried the ziploc route and regretted trying to save a few bucks. That’s not to say that you can’t still capture some good stuff with a disposable camera and a ziploc, just be aware of the risks…

  5. Based on the suggestion about the iLoc cases in a previous posting, I got some samples (free for the asking). They are glorified zip locks, but sized to fit the iPhone properly. I’ll use just for protection around the water as opposed to in it. The price is right. I bought a supply of their cases with an eyelet for a lanyard to avoid dropping from a ski lift!

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