Jabra Wave Bluetooth Headset Review

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Jabra-Wave-1There are thousands of bluetooth headsets out there these days.  Choosing one that fits you perfectly has been quite a chore.  My first bluetooth headset ever was made by Jabra.  It’s a brand I personally trust and like.  My first bluetooth headset that I owned was the Jabra FreeSpeak BT250 which was extremely comfortable.  Luckily Jabra brought back the design and created the Jabra Wave.

Inside the packaging you’ll get the Wave, micro USB charger, small and large eargel, and a foam wind suppressor for the boom microphone.

The design of the Wave is similar to the original FreeSpeak.  On the left is the larger FreeSpeak and on the right is the slimmer Wave.  The curved designed is made so that the headset rests perfectly behind the ear.  The reason I chose the original FreeSpeak as my first bluetooth headset was because in-ear and over-the-ear designs never really fit on my ear perfectly or even comfortably.  The behind-the-ear design feels extremely comfortable and natural to me.  Best thing about it is that it doesn’t really interfere with glasses.

Of course the new Wave has more advanced features than my original FreeSpeak.  New features for the Wave are

1) Voice Guidance which gives spoken battery level and bluetooth connection status
2) Ability to connect to 2 bluetooth devices
3) 3 layer wind noise reduction
4) Crystal clear sound and voice using DSP technology
5) Status display showing bluetooth connection and battery status
6) Up to 6 hours talk time and 8 days standby time.

The Wave has an integrated micro-usb port for charging which is definitely an improvement versus the original FreeSpeak which required a charging “dock”.

Another great improvement to the Wave is that Jabra put in a dedicated on/off switch.

They also incorporated a dedicated call answer button at the end of the mic boom.

I tested the quality of the sound by calling a land-line.  The receiver said the voice came in clear and loud.  I also did a test call outside in a windy day with a neighbor mowing the lawn 2 houses down.  The receiver said that they couldn’t hear the wind but they could pick up a very faint noise from the mowing but it wasn’t significant enough to get annoyed at.

The Wave is rated for up to 6 hours of talk time and up to 8 days standby.  It does last me through a work day with heavy use.  It weighs only 0.45 oz which you can hardly feel on your ear.  It comes in black or red color.

The only thing that I didn’t like about it was how the eargel gets attached.  The eargel “snaps” on very gingerly and there’s a high chance of it coming out if you leave it in a bag or pocket.  The groove that the eargel gets snapped into isn’t strong enough to keep it in place when you put it inside your pocket.  Don’t get me wrong, the eargel is extremely comfortable and there’s no chance of it falling out when it’s on your ear.  I did wish Jabra would find a way to secure the eargel a bit better on their next version.

The Jabra Wave costs $79.99 direct and $59.99 from Verizon.  I love the all day comfort and ease of use.


Product Information

Price:$79.99 direct / $59.99 from Verizon
  • Light and comfortable
  • Ease of use
  • Long battery life
  • Eargel might come loose in pocket

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10 thoughts on “Jabra Wave Bluetooth Headset Review”

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  2. I daily use a BT250 as well – best and most comfortable BT headset I ever had (tried some but dumped them all). When it comes to its years, the Wave certainly looks like the logical replacement.

  3. Thanks for the great comparement. I have the feeling that the sound quality of the BT250 is much better as the Waves one. Also the case quality didn’t get any better 🙁

  4. I put about 3 or 4 small drops of super glue around the eargel just to make sure it didn’t come off. I also had the BT250 and did the same with it. I had the change the eargel a couple times on it and it was not problem to get the old one off and clean off any residue before installing the new one.

  5. @Cris – That’s a good idea. But it will reduce the ability to adjust the eargel. I was thinking that Jabra should make the eargel magnetic or something that has a bit more hold on the eargel.

  6. Based on your review and comments from others here, I just purchased my Jabra Wave this morning.
    Charged quickly 🙂
    Light weight 🙂
    Easy to pair with my HTC Inspire 🙂
    Car charger included 🙂
    Eargel too easily removeable 🙁
    —will probably use superglue also, to keep the eargel in place.

    But DANG it was difficult to figure out how to place it in my ear! LOL
    Now it’s positioned (I have very small ears) and it feels like it’s not even there. I wear glasses, which is not a problem. 6 hours on my ear, and I still don’t feel it.
    I had to be careful to NOT “double” tap, or risk redialing last # called (even though that person was pleasant and understanding), I felt bad about redialing them 2 times as misdials.

    Sounds while indoors have been great. I stepped outside however, and sound quality dropped considerably. I have not used the little foam wind sock. I will try using this for final testing.

    Overall, I’m happy with my purchase. Got a great deal online at Walmart $ 47.50. Comfort is good. Price is good. VERY easy to use. Still testing sound quality. This was purchased for personal use, not for business use. Plus I need to learn how to use the voice dial/commands.

  7. I just purchased mine yesterday, I drive tractor trailer and always have had a issue with noise intruding on the call. Not with this one extremely happy with the noise canceling, ear gel is a pain but can deal with that.

  8. i just recieved the new jabra wave plus it reports itself when connected to the phone it is a great headset except for ONE very annoying thing the built in ringtone entry of the gladiators circus ringtone it plays at the same time as my caller id or another ringtone from my phone for that reason and that reason alone stay away from this headset


  10. This is my second Jabra Wave+. And I have Jabra Talk as we’ll. Jabra wave+ after connected with mobile phone for few hours if I didn’t have call, when call income, the caller can hear me, but I can’t hear. I have to reconnect by turn off, turn on, than it working properly. Dose any body had similar problem?

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