Chroma Watch from Yanko Designs Adds Color Without Obscuring the Time

We’ve all seen those fabulous watches that use color patterns to display the time, but I often wonder if telling the time with a quick glance ever is possible with one.  The Chroma Watch from Yanko Design lets you have a colorful display without requiring you to relearn how to tell time.  Yanko Design says the Munsell designation for the circle of hour markers changes every second.  (Munsell is a 3-coordinate nomenclature system to describe color by hue, value (how light or dark), and chroma (how bright or dull).)  The hands also change color, but much slower.  The Chroma Watch is a 1.5″ unisex design.  The watch body seems to be stainless, and it’s available with a black leather band for $140.  The version with a stainless steel mesh band is out of stock now, but it sells for $160.

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