New modulR Cases and Accessories for iPad 2

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modulR case for ipad 2Last year, Julie reviewed the modulR system for the original iPad and found it versatile and easy to use.  Now modulR has announced their new case and accessories for the iPad 2.  The basis for the system is the iPad 2 Case that covers the back of the iPad 2 and has knobs that attach a variety of accessories to the back.  It comes with a hand strap (shown above) to improve your grip on the iPad 2.  The iPad 2 Case is available in Tech White, Classic Black, and Crystal Clear.  It will sell for $39.99 and is scheduled for release in early summer this year.  You can choose from a variety of accessories to make the modulR case even more useful:  a shoulder strap, car headrest strap, wall mount, quick stand, and a fridge mount.  Although the modulR iPad 2 case is compatible with Apple’s Smart Cover, there’s also a an iPad 2 Cover Stand (not shown here) that attaches to the case’s nodes.  The Cover Stand can wake/sleep the iPad 2 and it will sell for $29.99 – a little cheaper than the polyurethane Smart Cover.  You can sign up at modulR to be notified when these products are available for purchase.

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