Midnight/Shot Night Vision Camera

thinkgeek midnight


If your ongoing quest to prove the existence of Bigfoot has always been thwarted by his irritating use of the cover of night, ThinkGeek‘s new camera might be for you.  The Midnight Shot NV-1 touts just 5 megapixels–but when was the last time your fancy Nikon or Canon was able to take a clear picture in the absolute dark?  Midnight Shot uses infrared  to capture its night time shots, resulting in clear shots of its subjects even with no visible light.  The camera can be switched back and forth from night vision to regular shooting modes, but IR can be turned on in the daytime as well, for those IR photography enthusiasts.  In addition to stills, the NV-1 is also able to switch over to capture video at 640 x 480 (8x digital zoom).  Careful though while using IR during the daytime–IR light travels through certain thin materials, which will render them see-through (yikes!!).

Midnight Shot NV-1 is currently on sale at ThinkGeek for $129.99

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