Since when are fingernail clippers gadget worthy?

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When they look as cool as the self proclaimed ultimate clipper Klhip. These clippers are made in the USA of surgical stainless steel with a satin finish. Klhips differ from traditional clippers in that they just have one blade instead of two. The lever is also positioned the opposite direction, allowing for easier operation. I always have problems with my clippers getting dull, so I would love to try a pair of Klhips to see how they compare. The price is pretty steep at $70-$95, but they claim to offer a lifetime of use.

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13 thoughts on “Since when are fingernail clippers gadget worthy?”

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  2. “lifetime of use” – I think I will have lifetime of use if I pick up 70 to 95 nail clippers at the local dollar store too!!

  3. For that kind of money, it would have to be some kind of box that I stick my finger in and it automatically clips off the nail perfectly every time. This thing still takes two hands and seems to offer minimal benefit over a normal clipper.

  4. The same price as Victorinox Swiss Army RescueTool?? hhmmm….. isn’t it obvious, for any sane person, which one to choose?
    Even if it cut your nails with laser beam.

  5. I regret being the reader at this website who always says, “really now…”, but, well — “really now…” A pretty steep price? You’d need a rocket motor to get a vehicle up an incline this steep. One shouldn’t have to pay such a stupid price for a clever design!

  6. I’m sure they work well, but nail clippers are one of those items I always end up misplacing and I’d hate to lose a $75 pair.

  7. I was all ready to be super-critical and write these off as another one of those occasions where someone has taken a cheap, mundane item and over-inflated the price by giving it an unorthodox design or making it out of titanium or something, but I’m not so sure that the price is entirely unwarranted in this case.

    I’ve always found that the dollar store or cheap drugstore brand nail clippers are worth exactly what you pay for them (that is to say, next to nothing), as they tend to break or bend pretty easily, or simply give a rough cut that is only barely better than using a pocket knife or something. And decent clippers often go for ten or more dollars, and still tend to last only a few years.

    So if you can keep from losing these, they actually might be a better deal than buying ten sets of decent clippers over your lifetime. My only issue with them is that, while the website states that the Khlip clippers feature “lifetime use”, I can’t find anything on the site that quantifies that. No lifetime warranty, no “if they get dull or break send them back and we’ll repair them for free”, which is something that I’d absolutely expect from an item like this.

  8. Okay, so it looks like Klhip has a “limited lifetime” warranty, covering defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the clippers. That’s not as comprehensive a warranty as I’d like to see, but at least it’s something.

    Still probably not enough that my wife wouldn’t think I was out of my mind if I bought a pair. 🙂

  9. Go to, buy the Seki $14 nail clipper. THAT is an amazing clipper for the price.

    I discovered that when I decided I wanted a nail clipper that I can use and not have to file my nails afterwards. Searched Amazon for German and Japanese nail clippers and settled on Seki due to the reviews and they work much better than any clippers I have used.

    I think Sanrio store nail clippers are good too… but they will have cutesy characters on them. 😉

  10. Darn wish I could edit, I was going to add that the best store bought brands I could find were Revlon and Tweezerman and they are not as good as Seki. Anyone else come across any notable clipppers? 🙂

  11. Andy, yes the “wife/Significant Other” approval is essential when buying something like this. Plus imagine the MONTHS leverage they would have if you did misplace or loose it. 😉

    This really is awfully expensive, but I haven’t used nail clippers in 20 years. I hate them. I’ve always used nail scissors. Think I paid about $8, had the same pair since highschool That was a LONG time ago.

  12. Anyone who could afford these would most likely get a pedicure at the local salon.
    As for losing them; I’ve have a pair of Trim that came to me by way of my Aunt’s passing back in the 60s and for some reason have endured my misadventures, I just used them yesterday 🙂

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