Protect your eBook Reader or iPad 2 with a CleverWrap

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Even minimalists who prefer not to use a case with their favorite tablet and eReader devices needs extra protection at some point or another. Ever take your Kindle to the beach? Use your iPad to display recipes in the kitchen? You can see how those environments might not be the most friendly for your expensive gadget. are clear disposable sleeves with a zip closure that are available for the iPad, iPad2, Galaxy, Kindle 2, Kindle 3, nook, nook color and Sony Daily Edition. Slide your device into the sleeve, zip it up and it’s now protected from sand, rain, dirt, grease, etc. Each package contains three sleeves and is priced at $14.99. My only question is… why not use a ziploc baggie instead? Full press release after the jump.

CleverWraps® Announces New Protective Sleeves for iPad 2, Tablet and eReader Models 
Clear, disposable sleeves protect electronic readers and tablet devices from life’s mishaps
(SAN DIEGO– March 15, 2011) – CleverWraps® (, creators of disposable protection for electronic devices and makers of RingerWraps®, announces their new line of CleverWraps for eReaders and tablets—the first-ever disposable, protective sleeves for electronic reading devices and tablet devices.  Like the company’s original line of mobile phone sleeves, the new series protects against incidental contact with water, sand, grease, dirt and other harmful materials. The size variants are designed to fit popular tablet and eReader models such as the iPad, iPad2, Galaxy, Kindle 2, Kindle 3, nook, nook color and Sony Daily Edition—with sizes to fit other devices coming soon.
CleverWraps are made of crystal clear, high-grade poly and feature a double channel zip closure and re-sealable tape for double protection and a custom fit. The translucent, lightweight but sturdy and protective material gives a precise fit and allows for full device functionality, including use of the power switch, keyboard, touch screen and speaker. 
CleverWraps protect devices from moisture in even the most extreme environments, can withstand quick submersion in water, are 100 percent recyclable, and made in the USA.
“Tablets and electronic reading devices have flooded the market over the past year, but CleverWraps is the only affordable, easy-to-use protective solution that does not interfere with device functionality, look, or feel,” says Karen McElaney, Co-Founder of CleverWraps. “They’re perfect for reading at the beach or by the pool, and they save electronics from those ‘uh-oh’ moments.” 
Each package contains three sleeves and is priced at $14.99. CleverWraps for eReaders and tablets are now available for purchase on Amazon and Versions for more eReader and tablet models will be unveiled soon.
About CleverWraps®
Affordable, custom fit, disposable protection for personal electronic devices like mobile phones, electronic readers, and tablet pc’s; all susceptible to damage when subjected to water, sand, snow , rain, perspiration, grease and other damaging elements. All devices are completely functional while protected by CleverWraps. For more information or to purchase, visit or

9 thoughts on “Protect your eBook Reader or iPad 2 with a CleverWrap”

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  2. I’ve never tried these but I would guess that it’s the “crystal clear, high-grade poly” of which they’re made that makes them a better alternative to a Ziploc bag that may not be as clear.

    I’d be willing to give these a try if I was going to spend time on a beach or near a pool with my iPad to read a book and needed the clarity. Otherwise, I would default to a Ziploc! 😉

  3. Yeesh, talk about overpriced. Even if they were only a dollar per bag, regular zip-top baggies would still be a better deal.

    Honestly, I thing a better route would be to grab a bunch of the poly bags that comic book collectors use to store their comics. The bags made for Golden Age (1940s-1950s) comics should be just the right size for an iPad, would be reusable, and are much cheaper. A quick search shows that you can get 25 bags for about $11, or if you’re willing to buy in bulk, 1000 bags for as what works out to about 25 cents each. While comic poly bags don’t seal shut (which doesn’t exactly make them waterproof or sandproof), I’d think they’d be sufficient for use in the kitchen, where you just want to keep smears of food or droplets of grease off of your precious gadget.

  4. “why not use a ziplock?”

    because a capacitive touch screen won’t work?

    for the non-touch devices (kindle, etc.) sure….

  5. I just stuck my iPad in a 1 gal Ziploc, and the touch screen worked fine. I use the Pad in the kitchen all of the time, so this is a great discovery for me.

  6. Why not wrap it in plain simple kitchen plastic.
    A whole roll would cost much.
    Throw it away after use in the plastic recycle bin and you’re done.

  7. I’d just go with ZipLoc or Saran Wrap. I can’t imagine paying $14.99 for 3 sleeves! My Nook Classic touchscreen works JUST FINE through the ZipLoc.

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