Armed Notebooks – Is it a guy thing?

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armednotebooksThese spiral bound notebooks from MollaSpace feature 3D covers made of PVC, which are shaped like a grenade, revolver or knife. There’s a small ring that you can use to attach items to the notebook – not sure why you would want to do this, but it’s there if you want to. The notebooks are currently on back order, but are priced at $20 each. Is it just me, or are they a guy thing? Any women out there that would buy one?

10 thoughts on “Armed Notebooks – Is it a guy thing?”

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  2. While I think that the idea of a notebook with a molded PVC cover is kind of neat, I honestly don’t get the draw of any of these.

    I am sure that artsy people in skinny jeans will buy these and write poetry in them, self-satisfied in the rich irony that they have created.

    Me, I’ll spend my $20 on something else.

  3. and I can see problems with the outline of one of these showing though someone’s backpack or bag as they go though security at school or the airport.

  4. That would drive me nuts not being able to fold the cover back and write in a notebook. I mean, you CAN fold it back, but that bulge would really be annoying. Not to mention that $20 for a notebook is pretty steep.

  5. It might be cheaper, not to mention more realistic, to superglue a real knife to the cover of an ordinary notebook. Or your laptop 🙂

  6. > Violence-obsessed Americanism at it’s worst.<

    Education at its best? Grammar police citation:
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