InnoPocket’s Amphibian Case will let you use your iPhone 4 at the bottom of the ocean

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innopocket amphibianThe next time you’re exploring the depths of the Pacific ocean, you won’t have to worry that you’re missing a call from your BFF because you’ll be using the 2-in-1 Amphibian case from InnoPocket. It’s designed to allow for everyday use with a polycarbonate inner hard case and then by attaching a front and back plate, you can use it in the water. The touchscreen can be used through the case, as well as the camera. Actual details about the water depth this case is rated for is not listed on InnoPocket’s site. This case can be used at a depth of 3 meters. The $29.99 Amphibian is currently available for pre-order.

8 thoughts on “InnoPocket’s Amphibian Case will let you use your iPhone 4 at the bottom of the ocean”

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  2. Underwater? What, like 6 inches? I don’t think this is going to make your iPhone scuba-friendly. Camera housings that can go greater than 15 feet cost a lot more than $30 and since they don’t mention depth I don’t think they mean more than light pool or snorkeling.

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