To heck with portability, connect a USB Typewriter to your iPad

Dang it, I should have taken this keyboard and iPad combo with me on my vacation last month instead of my old Stowaway keyboard. The USB Typewriter is exactly what it looks like – an old fashioned manual typewriter. It will work with any USB capable computer and iPad. You can buy a pre-converted typewriter for $500 and up, or if you’re into DIY projects, you can order a conversion kit with instructions for $55. Another option is to send in your existing typewriter for conversion. That will set you back $350 plus shipping. I have to admit, that there’s a lot of charm with this setup. I can remember using my mom’s old Underwood typewriter (I think I still have it somewhere) to create my own newspapers when I was a kid. I was a first class dork even back then 😉

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2 thoughts on “To heck with portability, connect a USB Typewriter to your iPad”

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  2. OK, so we have these machines called “Computers” that come with a monitor and a keyboard and a mouse.

    And then Apple invents this toy called an iFad. And it is all those three wrapped up in a “monitor”.

    So what do people do? Add a keyboard. A very big clunky keyboard.

    When is the mouse coming?

    And the hard disk?

    And the optical drive?

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