Stanley Tape Measure Watch

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stanley tape measure watchI’ve seen watches with all sorts of gadgets hidden inside, but I’ve never seen one with construction tools hidden inside.  This Stanley Tape Measure Watch is sold by Brando.  You’ll find the expected watch functions – a daily alarm, hourly chime, calendar, 1/100 stop watch with split function, and an electrolumniesent backlight.  The back side of the watch has a 3-ft metal tape measure inside.  The Stanley Tape Measure Watch is $44.50 at Brando.

7 thoughts on “Stanley Tape Measure Watch”

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  2. Even if you really need a tape measure with you at all times, this doesn’t seem like the handiest place to have it. Not to mention how huge it makes the watch.

    1. to be honest i like my stanely keychain that is the same size, but is acceptable for a keychain in size, isntead of making you look like you are one of those early smart watch adopters(ie anything pseudo practical for the sake of coolness) this looks too bulky for a wrist, and doesn’t make sense to me in terms of pro vs con, when 2.99 at walmart buys you a same length tape measure for the keys you aught to have on you at all times jsut as much as a watch, thoguht in 2016 i question ppl who still wear watches, while carrying their cellphone with them at all times…maybe they need to have a backpack full of toilet paper, since thats pretty much an equal level of practicality in a world of public restrooms, since a bathroom without tp is an exception not the rule, but i guess you can always be over prepared just in case(in which case why not get both a keychain and a watch tape easure? heh

  3. Unless it is reversable or removable, the tape measure will only be good for measuring the arms of anyone who wears their watch on their left wrist, which I assume to be the majority of right-handers.

  4. I have the older version which is a “clip on your belt loop” watch/measuring tape. I comes in very handy. I just unclip it off my belt loop and measure up to 6 feet.

    1. I just picked up 1 of the clip on tapes with the watch built in. Got it at the local animal shelter where donations of articles are left and sold to support their effort. Anyway. It was sold with a note the watch not working, so I put a battery in it and I’ll be dammed if I can find the combination to set it. I’m usually pretty good at pushing buttons, maybe the watch is a basket case. Could you give me a quick run down on how to set? I see you note here is a couple of yrs old, but I try Tks

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