iPhone users, what do you have to hide?

A couple of months ago, I reported on the Cell Phone Tapper USB Stick from Brickhouse Security. Using this device, it would allow you to get access to information about calls, SMS messages, etc on Symbian, Android, Blackberry or Windows Mobile smartphones. Notice an obvious exception to that list? At the time, there wasn’t a version compatible with the iPhone… till now. Brickhouse Security’s new iPhone Spy Stick will recover deleted text messages, calendar appointments, calls, contacts, pictures and more. It currently works with iPhones running iOS 3.2.1 and earlier. But will also have an iPhone 4 update later this week. To use the spy stick, you must install an app on a Windows computer (sorry, no Mac support) and then connect the iPhone to that computer to see the deleted info. If you’re a snoopy snooperson, you can buy the iPhone Spy Stick for $199.00 – hey, being a spy isn’t cheap!

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