Smartphone Coasters from newPCgadgets

The tagline at newPCgadgets is “Surprisingly Unique Products”.  That perfectly describes their new smartphone accessory – the stainless steel Smartphone Coaster.  These little stands are designed to hold most smartphones at a 75 degree angle for easy viewing of videos or for simply keeping an eye on incoming emails and messages.  The stand can support the smartphone in the horizontal or vertical position.  The Coasters are designed to stack together for compact storage while they aren’t in use.  They are priced for volume purchases, so you can have a ready supply for visitors to your home or for your customers at your restaurant or other place of business.  For a purchase of 20 or fewer Smartphone Coasters, the cost is $3.95 each.  The price drops to $2.95 each for a quantity of 21-100, and to $2.49 for 101 or more.

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