Gary Fong’s Flip-Cage for iPhone 4

The Flip-Cage from Gary Fong is a folding, tabletop stand for your iPhone 4.  You can use it hold your iPhone while you watch movies or talk on Facetime or as a small tripod for using the iPhone’s camera.  The mount can be removed and used on any traditional tripod.  You can also use the Flip-Cage as a small tabletop tripod for point-and-shoot cameras.  The list price is $38.90, but it’s available on Gary Fong’s website now for $29.95.  There’s also a version of the Flip-Cage for the iPhone 3GS for the same price.

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  • eClipse October 17, 2010, 10:46 am

    OK, seriously, no one is buying this.

    i4 users got upset (rightly) when they had to put tape on their phones to quash the “grip of death”.

    There’s about 12 better ways to use a tripod with an i4, including just the plastic mount clip he sells on his site.

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