Charge Most Any Device with the mophie juice pack™ powerstation

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The mophie juice pack™ chargers I’ve seen in the past are for one specific device, but their new juice pack™ powerstation will charge most anything that’s charged with a USB cable.  Mophie says they designed it with Apple devices in mind – any generation iPod or iPhone and even the iPad.  They say “if you’d like to try it with your blueberry or slidekick, be our guest, but we do not guarantee the outcome.”  (And yes, I copied and pasted that quote – those were their spellings.)  The  juice pack™ powerstation has a 3600 mAh battery that charges rapidly from a USB port, or you can even charge it using the 2.1A charger that comes with your iPad.  It’s good for 500 complete recharges; mophie says topping off the powerstation doesn’t count against those complete recharges.  It has smart battery technology to turn off the powerstation when nothing is connected, and it has short-circuit, overcharge, and temperature protection to protect the powerstation and your device.  You can even charge your powerstation and your device simultaneously.  The mophie juice pack™ powerstation is $99.95 and ships in 5-7 days.

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