GroovyStand Dual for iPad Review

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groovy stand for ipad 3There are a lot of stands for iPads.  Some are metal, some plastic, some cheaper, some more expensive – some are even made by Apple.  A lot of them are bulky, which makes it hard to take them along in your gear bag.  While digging around looking for interesting news items, I stumbled upon the GroovyStand for iPad.  Since Father’s Day was quickly approaching, I decided I’d order one as a gift for my husband.  Luckily, it arrived long before Father’s Day, so I had a chance to try it out.

GroovyStands are made from a piece of wood, but I can’t tell what variety.  There are four models and three finishes to choose from.  All models can hold the iPad in a portrait or landscape orientation. There are round or square GroovyStands routed to hold the iPad at about an 18 degree angle for easy viewing.  There’s a GroovyWriter, which holds the iPad at a 45 degree angle for easy typing.  The one that intrigued me was the Groovy Dual – a square stand that has been routed with both angles.  You can use it as a viewing or a typing stand.

groovy stand for ipad 2

The problem I have with most stands on the market is they only work with a naked iPad.  I have my iPad in a Belkin Grip Vue case, and I only take it out when I’m trying out a case I’m reviewing.  My husband NEVER takes his iPad out of the Grip Vue.  The GroovyStands are available in the standard groove model, for the naked iPad, and the wider groove model, for iPads in a skin case.  I took a chance that the Grip Vue is a skin case, and I ordered a Groovy Dual in black.

groovy stand for ipad 1

I was thrilled to find that the iPad in the Belkin Grip Vue fit perfectly in the GroovyStand.  However, it’s not the most beautifully crafted item I’ve seen.  The wood hasn’t been sanded quite as smooth as I’d like.  There are some little divots on the top of the stand.  It doesn’t have a slick, shiny finish like I’d expect with a varnish.  The rough texture on the bottom may help stabilize it on slick tables, so I can live with the rough finish if it works well.  So how did it work as a stand?

groovy stand for ipad 6
iPad at 18 degrees for viewing

The 18 degree groove puts the iPad at a good angle for viewing the iPad when it’s on a table.  The iPad is very stable in both horizontal and vertical orientations.  In addition to watching videos, I found this angle worked great when I was reading ebooks.  I think you might find this angle works better with standard height or taller tables.  If you are using a low surface, like a seat-back tray in an airplane, the 45 degree angle may work better for viewing. 

groovy stand for ipad 5
iPad at 45 degrees for typing.

The 45 degree groove is designed to hold the iPad for easy typing in portrait and landscape orientations.  I could type at this angle, and I could see everything that I was typing on the iPad screen.  I do think a lower angle would have been more comfortable and felt more natural.  I felt that my wrists were a little too flexed back towards my arms at this angle.  However, the iPad was very stable in either portrait or landscape orientation while typing.

groovy stand for ipad 4
Vertical mode.

The Groovy Dual works great as an iPad stand for watching videos, reading, or even as a stand on a bedside table when using the iPad as an alarm clock.  Depending on your table height, either angle would work as a viewing stand.  Not everyone will find that the 45 degree mode works for typing, but you could use the Groovy Dual with a Bluetooth keyboard of your choice.  And, so long as the docking connector is exposed, you can use the GroovyStand as a charging/sync cradle.  It’s only 5.5” X 4.75” X 1”, so the Groovy Dual will fit in your laptop or gear bag. 

Butch loves his Father’s Day present.  He uses it with one of the Bluetooth Apple keyboards for taking notes at work meetings, and he says it’s a perfect setup.  I love it, too.  I’ll order a second one for me – perhaps as a retroactive Mother’s Day present.


Product Information

Price:$14.95 for the standard groove; $18.95 for the wider groove
  • Very stable stand for iPad
  • Works with iPad in portrait or landscape orientation
  • Can be used as a viewing or typing stand
  • Small and lightweight
  • Inexpensive
  • Can work with iPads in skin cases
  • Some people may find the 45 degree angle isn't comfortable for typing

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  2. Has a nice site but no way to order. Paypal only sends back an error message and when you click contact itonly sends you back to the display site. It’s a shame people work so hard on a product and then don’t use working computer sites.

  3. I’ve ordered twice from the GroovyStand site, and I had no problems with either order. Either he or PayPal are having a temporary problem.

  4. Our Groovystands now have rounded corners with a nice smooth finish. Our stands will not scratch your iPad. You can use the Dual Wide with many cases including Apple’s. Check out our site as we continually update and improve our product line. Thank you.

  5. I ordered one on January 25th, and it still hasn’t arrived. That’s not why I’m writing. I’m writing because I have been informed that they sent the package out without any tracking. Therefore, if it gets lost, as mine may have, I am out of luck. This seems like a poor business practice, especially when there are tracking or delivery confirmation options, even with the post office. Perhaps seeing this, they will change their policy on tracking or delivery confirmation.

  6. The item arrived, so it’s all good. It was a bit slow, but I imagine that’s the postal service. I would still suggest that some sort of tracked mail option be made available in future.

  7. I ordered a stand from this company but did not receive the product. I emailed them to notify them of this, but did not receive a response. I was ripped off $30; I would not recommend buying from Groovystand.

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