Kaison Galaxy Beetlestar Night Light Star Projector Review

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As the parent of a preschooler, I know I’ve seen things like this before.  But none of them had epic names like the “Galaxy Beetlestar”.  This I had to see.

The Kaison Galaxy Beetlestar comes in different colors.  I received a traditional looking red/black bug, and a blue one.

PIck one up, they don't bite

The Beetlestar measures about 5 inches wide and is made of plastic.  Without batteries, it’s pretty light and mostly hollow.

Closeup of the touch sensitive button and star "holes"
Bottom of the BeetleStar
Feeding time! IsoBot helps out with the 3xAA batteries.

The Beetlestar has four modes that can be toggled through with the touch sensitive “logo” button:

Press once:  Orange

Press again:  Blue

Press again:  Green

Press again:  Rotates between orange/blue/green

Press again:  Off

According to the instructions, the lights turn off automatically after 45 min and should last for 60 nights.  The Beetlestar runs cool and silent.


In the photographs above, the Beetlestar was up against a wall, so the stars apprear crisp and bright.  In practice, if you place the Beetlestar in the middle of a room, the stars appear less bright and fuzzier.  Perhaps that’s a good thing, because anything too bright would be distracting.

Blue stars on the ceiling. Notice that they're dimmer and fuzzier.

I peeked inside the guts of the Beetlestar through one of the many holes, and it appears there are three LEDs inside for each color.  During the color changing mode, each color fades in and out very slowly.  That’s a nice touch.

If I had one wish, is that if this thing could be powered from an AC adapter.  The 60 night promise seems a bit long, and I can imagine the lights getting dimmer after a few weeks.  The Kaison website hints that this is an option, but not with the models I received.  If you’re concerned about burning batteries on what is essentially a night light, then rechargeables might be the ticket.

The Beetlestar is available from Amazon.


Product Information

  • Compact and kid safe. LEDs aren't super-bright, and run cool and silent. No buttons to break.
  • AC power option might be nice.

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  2. It’s good to go green, where it makes the most difference in your life. I have plenty of bright white LED lamps, wireless mouse & keyboard, and I always use rechargables. I never regreted it. It’s worth the start up costs. Especially if spread over a few paydays.

    Because I have back up charged batteries and it only takes about 8 hours to charge a set of four and I never needed more than one charger. Best thing is that I’m not always dumping a ton of AA or AAA batteries into a landfil each year. And I feel good about that.

    To charge three batteries, just take one of your stand-by spares and recharge them with the others. Duracell or Energizers. They both work well with each other. And chargers can charge both AA & AAA batteries.

    It’s a total win/win situation. Considering the price of regular alkalines, because they pay for themselves after only two or three charges. It’s like getting free batteries. The down side is that they just don’t last like regular batteries. (two weeks in the mouse, 2 months in the keyboard.)

    Anyway, it’s better than ruining the environment.

  3. We have these and on AA eneloops we get around 5 months, that’s used ever day and a few ‘disco’ parties also thrown in.

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