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4 thoughts on “A Fun Way to Squirt Water Up Your Nose – Tapi”

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  2. Wouldn’t that be squeeze-and-sip? Or squeeze-and-slurp? If you could put saline in the water, it’s make quick work of irrigating your sinuses. LOL

  3. You know I woke up this morning, and that is exactly what I was thinking. I thought to myself, “Drew what magic awesome thing can I find today to shoot water up my nose” And low and behold, here it is.

  4. Um why is it up your nose? Isn’t it in your mouth? The article has just confused me.
    Why would you want to squirt water up your nose?

  5. You mean you’ve NEVER went to use a water fountain and had it be too powerful and blow water up your nose? i thought that was pretty well a universal experience, especially in school. You got to learn real quick which ones were a dribble and which ones were a fire hose.

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