Pogoplug enhanced with a Biz Version

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Pogoplug is taking pre-order for the Pogoplug Biz. This is a newer, more expensive version of the Pogoplug Janet posted about earlier. They announced the new product on their Blog back at the end of July.

The basic Pogoplug is $99, the Pogoplug Biz will be $299. There are no fees for using the service, and you can connect multiple USB drives to them.

Besides going business black instead of the old hot pink, the new Biz features include (from their post):

  • Usage Statistics and Auditing: quickly access a summary of how many times a file or folder has been viewed, streamed or downloaded. Keep track of the number of views, streams, and downloads.
  • Customization: customize the look and feel of the Pogoplug interface, including the color, logo, domain name and background image. Customize the look and feel of emails that are sent when you share files.
  • Custom Email Addresses: claim your own custom email addresses and let your clients email files to your Pogoplug. Create an unlimited number of custom upload folders and give them each a unique email address to share with your clients.
  • Cloud/Mobile Printing: print from any mobile device, including the iPhone and iPad. Print to any printer connected to Pogoplug, from anywhere.
  • Web View-Only Sharing: share viewable files over the web while preventing them from being downloaded. Web View is perfect for creative professionals and photographers who want to show clients previews of work but not allow them to download the files.
  • Multiple Users: allows an administrator to set access levels and storage quotas for individual users.
  • Remote backup: continuously mirror all or part of your Pogoplug storage to a second Pogoplug in a remote location.

It’s an intriguing product. As an independent consultant, I am attracted to the ability to customize the look and feel, user management options and other tools that would allow me to share data securely with multiple clients. As my extended family’s unofficial tech consultant, the ability to mirror to Pogoplugs in multiple locations is interesting as well.

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