Supercollar Dog Collar Review

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If you’re a dog owner like me, you always want to give your dog the best. Whether it is the food they eat or the bedding they sleep in or the treats they receive for being good. But let’s face it, deep down inside, some dog owners get the good stuff not just for their dogs but because they like cool things too. Even if its just the dog that gets to have it.

The Supercollar looks like some kind of tactical gear for a special forces operator with its is rugged look, reflective accents, its metal chrome and black polypropylene webbing material.

This super collar is equipped with two housing units. Each unit has a  36″ waterproof coated cable that retracts into its dirt and debris cleaning technology. Each cable is stated to have a break strength of over 1oo lbs.

Attached to the cables is a molded rubberized handle that sits against the collar. A quick-release safety turn-lock  keeps the handle secure when not in use.

A strip of 3M Scotchlite reflective tape is attached to the housing for added safety for those nighttime walks and the collar comes equipped with a traditional D ring for your own leash.

The cable leash was fairly easy to pull out and also felt sturdy  as its own leash. However, you must remember not to let go of  the handle or else it will snap back pretty hard because of the retracting device. It feels like a pretty solid device so the retractors  inside the units have some strength in them.  It did have a slight weight to it coming from the retractable units but didn’t feel significant enough to be overbearing and heavy. It just felt like a beefy collar.

I did notice that the holes for the buckle seemed a little weak. The holes look like they were made with a hot hole punch to melt the edges to keep from fraying. It seems like over time the holes on the collar seem like they could get stretched out. It would have been nice to have seen metal grommets around the holes to prevent stretching.

This Supercollar is really an ingenious tool for dogs and dog owners. It is very handy when you don’t have time to find your regular leash or when you are out at the dog park and your dog is running free but suddenly you need to take control of your dog. There is no need to fumble to get a leash on anymore. You can just take hold of the built-in leash and voila! Instant leash.

With this collar you can really get a handle on your pet… Pun intended.

As of this review,  the Supercollar only comes in one color which is black and two sizes: Medium (neck size 13″-17″)  and Large (neck size 16″-22″). According to their website, the Supercollar is for dogs weighing between 20lbs and 90lbs.

The Supercollar has a MSRP of $39.95


Product Information

  • Built-in leash.
  • Included D ring.
  • Strong, durable coated cables.
  • Self cleaning technology.
  • Slight weight from cable units.
  • Needs metal grommets for buckle holes.
  • Only one color available.

6 thoughts on “Supercollar Dog Collar Review”

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  2. I predict this will be an epic fail. I’m sure Fido will love you even more when you accidentally let go of the leash or it slips out of your hand and it retracts and smacks him upside the head.

    Perfect solution for a non-existing problem.

  3. Hi Jim,
    Thanks so much for your comment. As one of the inventors of supercollar®, I always strive to make our customers’ experience better. As with any retractable lead, supercollar® is designed for pet owners that are comfortable using the retractable feature. If accidentally released by the pet owner, the soft rubber handle of supercollar® will simply retract back into the collar, on the dog’s neck, itself. If you have any additional questions about supercollar®, please let us know – we do our best to incorporate customer feedback in everything we do.

  4. Thanks for the reply, I was going by the reviewers comment who stated “However, you must remember not to let go of the handle or else it will snap back pretty hard because of the retracting device.”

    I was imagining a fast retraction like a tape measure. If it’s a slower retraction then it wouldn’t be so bad.

  5. Glad to clarify. It is a slow retraction. One of my partners is an emergency veterinarian and safety and comfort of the dog is key for us. We developed the supercollar® for many different types of dog owners, including those who love to go to the beach or on hikes but don’t want to carry the leash and for older adults or those with mobility issues who have trouble fastening a traditional leash to a collar.

    Again, thanks for the feedback.

  6. Jim
    when I received the Supercollar, the “snap-back” was a concern for me. Without the collar attached to Elvis I pulled the handle out and then let go to see what type of force would be generated by doing so. It was significant. I am just conscious about things like that because I figure that would be a question that would arise. I think it is more of a sound factor than anything. Kinda like a loud pop. More annoying than anything. However, if you constantly let go of the handle and make it slam back onto your pets neck it would be unpleasant for anyone. But thanks to the craftsmanship that shouldn’t be a factor. Just keep in mind that it retracts. So don’t pull and and let it snap back. Hope that helps.

  7. I need this in small size – I’m house-training a 15 lbs adult dog and need to grab her as soon as I open the crate to lead her right away to the backyard door.

    This would also be good to train them to not climb the couch when not allowed, so as soon as it happens, they can be led out of it right away. But I suspect this supercollar might not be lightweight on a small dog.

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