GEAR4’s UnityRemote turnes the iPhone into a Universal Remote

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utilityremoteThe UnityRemote from GEAR4 has been designed to easily control multiple AV devices with as little effort as possible. iPhone, iPod touch and iPad owners can use this app / hardware to control various devices such as TVs, stereos, Blu-Ray players, DVRs and more. If it has an infrared receiver UnityRemote will control it. This product consists of two parts. An app and a small Bluetooth receiver / transmitter that sends and receives the infrared signals in 360 degrees via 5 infrared transmitters to the device to be controlled. This product will be available in October for the price of $99.

4 thoughts on “GEAR4’s UnityRemote turnes the iPhone into a Universal Remote”

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  2. Not having a dongle to lose is nice… the site doesn’t say, but it would be interesting to know (and worth the price) if it includes Tivo; “universal” remotes usually don’t…

  3. Nice ‘new tech’ funnily enough my Palm T5 was doing the same thing directly via infra-red years ago. I could go from room to room using it to control the Stereo, TV and the VCR (yes that long ago) What’s new is old and what’s old is new.

    Now when someone manages to invent a time device I can wear on my wrist and wind up everyday or so I’ll know we’ve made progress. No more pulling the phone out of my pocket to check the time or wondering where the nearest charging point is.

  4. Hubby and I both uses HippoRemote Pro on our Touch iPods. Only $4.99. They have a list of all the profiles available. (However, HippoRemote Pro does not use infrared, it uses our Wi-Fi, although we always seem to point the Touch at the media center.)

  5. Hipporemote only controls computers. This controls home theater gear.

    I had a palm. It never was good at being a remote. Distance and it’s weak ir LEDs crippled it.

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