ZÜCA Pro Carry-on Luggage

zuca pro luggageThe Zuca company began when a mom wanted a good rolling backpack for her daughter with back problems.  They expanded their line to include the Zuca Pro, a cool-looking carry-on bag for travel.  Outside the bag is a heavy-duty anodized aluminum alloy frame that can be used as a seat when you’re stuck in long security lines.  The telescoping handle is 41″, so you don’t have to stoop to roll the bag.  Inside is a set of packing cubes that helps organize your clothes and prevent wrinkles.  There’s even a TSA-compliant toiletry bag and a ballastic nylon cover to protect the bag if you decide to check it.  It’s total dimensions (19″ H X 10″ W X 13″ D) is 42″, so it meets FAA guidelines for a carry-on bag.  The removable ballistic nylon bag is coated with water-resistant polyurethane and can be hand-washed.   The Zuca Pro weighs 8.25 pounds (empty) and has a couple of handles to aid you in lifting it into the overhead bins.  The Zuca Pro is available in three color combinations.  The black frame/black bag and the silver frame/black bag combinations sell for $285.00; the silver frame/pink bag is $219.00.

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  2. Neat product, Janet. good lookin’ out. I work at a hotel and deal with all sorts of bags every day. You can usually tell how a guest will be based on the luggage they carry. Pilots, for instance, have 3 days worth of crap stuffed in them making them heavy. The pieces are well designed and are rigid for life on the open sky. They stack like oreos. Other guests have beat up pieces and they are not really nice people. This bag is well designed for commuting with delays imminent, the chair usage is great. The TSA friendly aspect shows respect to the jerks who hate their job. I would happily pay good money for good luggage. that is why I love my Ogio Politan bag for my weekenders. Sturdy construction mixed with dashing looks.

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