Levenger 10″ Flak Jacket for iPad and Netbooks Review

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This review is going to be short and sweet.  The 10″ Flak Jacket from Levenger is a protective sleeve for a netbook and – you guessed it! – the Apple iPad.  It’s a simple product made to do a simple job – protect your device.  How does it perform?

The Flak Jacket is actually made by Higher Ground.  The only branding on the Flak Jacket is the embroidered “mountain range” logo on the front and back and one on the rubbery zipper pull.  The outside (front and back) is made of ripstop nylon panel on a heavy knit fabric.  The sides and bottom are the ripstop nylon fabric.  The interior is the black knit fabric from the exterior.

The 10″ Flak Jacket is designed to hold a netbook up to 10″, but it also works well for an ereader device or the iPad.  I’ll be using it with my iPad.  The exterior dimensions are 11.5″ wide X 8.38″ tall X 1.25″ thick.  This is not a flimsy neoprene sleeve.  The Flak Jacket is padded with shock-absorbing polyurethane foam (LRPu) and reinforced with 2-ply plastic corrugated sheets on each side.  There is also a cushioning frame of the LRPu foam along sides and bottom of the case.

Image from the Levenger website

The 10″ Flak Jacket is compact, and it’s just right to protect my iPad when I’m travelling light.  The sleeve will fit into many of my purses, and it handily fits into a messenger bag or laptop bag.  My iPad in its Belkin Grip Vue case fits inside the Flak Jacket with some room to spare.  The 10″ Flak Jacket is a welcome addition to my ever-expanding collection of iPad cases and covers.


Product Information

Manufacturer:Higher Ground
  • Reinforced and protective
  • Compact
  • Well made
  • None

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  2. Hi Janet,

    Thank you for the great write-up on the 10″ Flak Jacket. It’s always nice to have great feedback on the Levenger products.
    I did want to mention that Higher Ground isn’t the same supplier of the Grid-it Organizers. The Grid-It organizers are actually made by Cocoon Innovations. They are separate companies that both offer amazing products.
    Thanks again!

  3. Janet Cloninger

    Heather, Thanks for letting me know. I don’t know where I got that idea. My only defense is that I’ve done about 2 billion iPad case reviews since April. I’ll correct my review to remove the wrong supplier name.

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