DIY Moleskine Case for iPad

I recently posted news items about an official Moleskine Kindle case with a reporter-style notebook and the DODOcase Moleskine-style case for iPad.  If you really want a Moleskine-style case for your iPad but don’t want to spend $50 and wait up to six weeks for it, you can try your hand at making your own.  Brandon at The Modern Day Pirates website has posted complete instructions for making your own iPad case.  He even included a list of supplies you’ll need and the source and approximate price for them.  Brandon warns the project isn’t for people with no crafting experience, and he says he took a college class in bookbinding.  However, his instructions are so clear that any one with crafting skills should be able to give it a try.  Brandon spent less than $20, and his cover looks great.  I snagged a picture from his website to show you his finished product next to a real Moleskine notebook.

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