Swiggies Water Bottle Review

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Last month, I came across a Twitter user who was sharing details about a new type of water bottle, designed to be used during any type of activity, whether it be walking, running, horse riding, fishing or even if you’re hospitalised!

They’re called Swiggies and are bottles that you wear on your wrists.  I was quite intrigued to say the least, as I’m a keen long distance runner, so they appealed to me instantly.

Kindly, after seeing the spotlight post I did on them (https://the-gadgeteer.com/2010/05/14/a-water-bottle-for-the-21st-century)  the company sent me some samples to review, so here goes.

I was sent two pairs of Swiggies, a white set and a blue set.  For the review I used the white set.   However, there is no differences between the two types, only the colour.

A close up of a Swiggies Water Bottle

Each bottle is made from a lightweight, durable plastic.  On one side there is a thick velcro strap, which is used to hold the bottle securely to your wrist.   The strap can be removed from the bottle easily for washing.

As mentioned, I’m quite a keen runner, so I thought I’d put them through their paces on a nice long run.  Luckily for the water bottle (unluckily for me however!) I had chosen a day when the sun was out and it was a touch on the warm side, so I knew I would have to bring water with me, in order to keep well hydrated.

Each bottle holds 200ml of your favourite drink, which is perfect as it’s a good amount of fluid to carry, without the extra weight of a bottle filled with water weighing down your arm.

The Swiggie water bottle - attached, full and ready to go!

Filling the bottle is very easy too, thanks to the large ‘sports style’ cap.  This simply screws off, allowing you to fill the bottle quickly.  Then, once full you simply screw back into place.  For a drink, pop the cap up with your fingers, or (if you’re brave) your teeth, then just push it back down to close it.

When the bottle was filled with water and strapped to my wrist, I had to move it around just a little to find the perfect spot where it felt most comfortable.  Then, it was time to run!

Close up of a Swiggies bottle attached to my wrist

During my run, the bottle barely moved at all, even though it was full of water.  I reached a point where I actually forgot I was wearing it at all!  Taking a drink from it is just like using a normal bottle, even down to the way your hand/arm moves.   There was no leaking from the cap, unlike some sports bottles that I have used in the past.

It also made a nice change to run without having to constantly grip onto a bottle.

Me and my eldest son (Joe Daniel) wearing our Swiggies

Even my son liked the look of them and now uses his for school, instead of his normal sports bottle.  Even he said it was comfortable to wear and didn’t get in the way of his activities.

It’s easy to understand how versatile Swiggies really are, as they would be a great addition for any walker, rider, fisherman or runner.  So, whatever activity you like to do, make sure you get some Swiggies to help you along!

You can get a pair of Swiggies for £12.65 (per pair, including delivery) from the Swiggies website.


Product Information

Price:£12.65 ($18)
  • Lightweight & Durable

3 thoughts on “Swiggies Water Bottle Review”

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  2. Definitely kid-sized – my kids drink about 200 ml a day at school. I drink about 750 ml when hiking or biking, so too small for me.

  3. Yep, I agree… they could be slightly bigger. Although, I rarely take in more than approx 400/500ml on a long run anyway, unless it’s really hot then I probably wouldn’t run!

    So, wearing two is perfect, as the weight of each bottle on the wrist is fine and I’ve got nothing to grip onto.

  4. Gee at least you have your product. I purchased 2 vouchers and I’ve been trying to redeem them since December 13 and still can’t do it. I’ve sent several emails to their “customer support” and still have no answer. You might want to think twice before you order anything from this site!!!

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