Mini Bluetooth Keyboard for your iPad

Check out this tiny Bluetooth thumb type keyboard from Brando. It features 49 keys, a USB rechargeable battery and compatibility with Windows, OS X and even the iPad. It’s available now for $40 from Brando.

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8 thoughts on “Mini Bluetooth Keyboard for your iPad”

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  2. This has got to be the cutest keyboard I have ever seen. 😉 The price is really good. I was just looking at Bluetooth keyboards at Amazon and they are close to $100. I may have to buy one of these. Do I need it? Hmmm… well, no. Not really. I do have a mini USB keyboard that I use with my laptop when it’s under my monitor stand in my craft room. I currently use my Iomega Bluetooth adaptor at work so I can listen to Pandora with my Bluetooth headset. (I hate cords.)

  3. Thumb keyboards are nice as they go … but for the price you can be lucky to get an original Apple BT keyboard (yep, the stylish flat one) on sale at a local electronics shop or at some of the internet outlets … since there’s a new version out (uses only two AA instead of three) the elder 3-AA keyboards are sold out. Got mine for under CHF 40,- … and it’s not that much bigger.

  4. This is nice – Great size and inexpensive.

    But one thing about bluetooth keyboards; I’m using a Mac Mini as a media center and i’m using the Logitech DiNovo. I most likely wouldn’t have gotten a bluetooth keyboard that expensive, but it was a gift from a friend. One of the best features is the built in trackpad, on the PC version at least. I’ve seen the Mac version for under $90 but it looks different so I can’t confirm that it too has a trackpad.

    But anyway, if you’re going to use a bluetooth keyboard with a Mediacenter type setup, I strongly suggest a bluetooth keyboard with a built in trackpad/some type of pointer. Dealing with a separate bluetooth laser mouse in the living room, before I started using the DiNovo, was a fracking mess. The built in trackpad makes a huge difference.

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