Ecovez Biodegradable iPhone Case

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Looking for a “green” case for your iPhone 3G/3GS?  Check out the Ecovez case from Innovez.  It’s a transparent, 1-piece protective case made from EcoPure, a material that starts the biodegradation process when placed in a microbe-rich environment such as a landfill, turning the plastic into biomass (rich soil).  The design allows for quick and easy access to all the iPhone’s features.  Available in 9 different colors, $34.95 each.

10 thoughts on “Ecovez Biodegradable iPhone Case”

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  2. You’re kidding, right? A “green” case for a gizmo that contains bromine and phthalates — not to mention a battery that’s difficult to remove when it’s time to recycle the phone?

    Let’s not even talk about the numerous worker suicides in Taiwan’s iPhone sweat-shop — er factory.

    But if a “green” biodegradable case makes you feel all “greenpeace-y”, ENJOY!

  3. @jhon – This is a “news” item, not an endorsement or even a review. And you may want to re-read it. Innovez is claiming biodegradability of the Ecovez case only. They make no claims about the biodegradability of the iPhone, which is a separate product.

  4. Heh… I came of way strong, but I stand by what I said. I’m commenting on the disconnect between the case (proclaiming it’s ‘greenness’) for a product that is about as far from “green” as one can get and is firmly sitting in corporate exploitation land.

    It’s like using a gas generator to power a halogen lamp to light up a solar panel and calling it “green” power. If the owner of an iPhone was really interested in the environment, they’d pick a different phone (or no phone at all) and NOT put such a device in a “green” case.

    Not that I think there’s anything wrong with the iphone or “corporate exploitation”… Just seems oddly inappropriate and laughably hypocritical at the consumer level…

  5. it is called: Riding the hype wagon” to cash a buck! notice that the Al Gore green theme is popular for a few years now?

  6. Agreed 100%. For a ‘green’ gadget like this, keep in mind that you’re saving about one ounce of petroleum. Every time you fill up your car, you’re about to burn some *2000* ounces of petroleum. Products like this may be appealing, but they make only a trivial difference in your own oil consumption, or reducing waste.

  7. jhon….

    It’s the CASE that’s slightly more green. THE CASE. Yes the device it’s covering isn’t made of the curl-riffic hair of Jeremy Clarkson or made by Keebler elves. We KNOW that.

    I don’t think it’d “oddly hypocritical”. Maybe to you, it is at MOST, a bit of an eco-FAIL when you consider the iPhone is such a flagrant display of consumerism. To you.

    Heck I don’t care. My iPhone is purty and shiny… so shiny…

    By the WAY… Foxconn, in Shenzhen, China, is not the same as Taiwan. Far from it. And Steve Jobs himself isn’t wearing a leather dominatrix outfit whipping Chinese peasants with barbed wire dipped in lemon juice and salt. It’s the factory owners, eager to make a buck at any cost- the cost of the land, water and air, plus the lives of workers.

    NOBODY here at the-gadgeteer would dare claim that buying a “eco-friendly” iPhone case negates the hypocrisy you imply exists.

    It’s merely post-worthy because… well, how many biodegradable iPhone cases do you know that aren’t made of paper mache?

    And just to prove I’m not a dorkish dork, this case is for you, Jhon.–3GS-recession-case.asp

  8. Andy:

    I’m not a green-nazi. I drive a pickup truck! I eat meat! (heh)

    I think it’s more of the people I’ve met who own iPhones have been green-zombies more often than not (friends included). I usually enjoy pointing out their hypocrisy on stuff like this.

    And I would argue that Jobs (and Apple in general) is METAPHORICALLY “wearing a leather dominatrix” and “whipping Chinese peasants with barbed wire dipped in lemon juice and salt”. It’s a race to the bottom.

    It’s like claiming someone who hired a hitman to kill someone isn’t a murderer because they didn’t do the deed themselves. That is, *IF* that’s the side of the ‘line’ one stands on when viewing stuff like this.

    btw, that’s a damn cool idea for a case. Funny has hell… Thanks!

  9. Jhon, I don’t see the hypocrisy. 1. The case protects your phone, so you don’t break it and have to dispose of the toxic phone. 2. Cases often break, so the fact this one biodegrades and others don’t is a beneficial quality.

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